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Running of the Bulls

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by KMS, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. Girlfriend went for her morning run along Ocean Dr in Santa Monica and saw all the cars parked there. I quickly ran down after she called me of course. So, among the many Diablo's, Murci's and Gallardo's there were two Murci Roadsters, two black Countach's (one with wing, one without), one black Miura, and two lovely silver 400GT's one restored, one original it seemed. They left about an hour ago and on time.

    I now have to accelerate my plans for my first Diablo.
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  3. cool. any pics?

  4. Sadly no. I was at my girlfriends place, she went for a morning run and called me in the middle of it to tell me about the cars. Didn't know where she kept the cameras and didn't know how long the cars would be down there. I hadn't realized that the event would start in Santa Monica.
  6. or even a link to a Lambo site that might have the pics

    Lambo owners club ???
    Lambo of America ??

    anyone know?
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  8. I was supposed to be there and im soooo pissed lol i have been looking mark! u keep me posted! hahaha

  9. i was eating lunch down by the beach today in santa barbara...

    i saw a couple gallardos drive past, which i thought was cool. then the rest drove past and i was in shock. im really ready for this weekend now
  10. Someone has posted pictures on lamborghini-talkdotcom.
  11. Sweet action that musta been incredible.
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