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Running in new Gallardo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by mhh, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. I picked up my new Gallardo last night. I looked for info on running in the car in the owner's manual, but could only find a reference to taking it easy on new tyres and brakes. Any limits on the engine? What are other new owners doing?
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  3. Congrats, have fun, make sure to drop me a line if you ever venture to Melbourne.
  4. stephens, will do. Just looking for an excuse now! Long way to go at the speed limit. Got to be a Great Ocean Road job, I guess.
  5. Firstly congrats! Post some pictures.Have you had Lambos befiore? Ferraris before/? 6spd or E-Gear?
    Now to your question.I recommend short bursts of power.Think stated
    break-in is 1000 miles. I have 1200 miles on mine now (took delivery about 3 weeks ago and can only use on Sundays).
  6. yeah, the break in thing is weird. I have 370 miles now and have kept it under 5000 rpm, no WOT blasts at all, and no long cruises at the same rpm. I plan to use no WOT at all for the first 1000 miles and keep rpm under 5000 to 600 miles, under 6000 to 800 miles, under 7000 to 1000 miles and at 1000 take it to 8000 on occasion. I fuguer the 1500 mile service is the end of break-in and then go for it after fluid changes.

    The thing I think is important is to be sure to vary load and rpm and not use WOT or high revs for 1000 miles to seat the rings and wear in the other components.
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  8. New to Lambo. Bought non-metallic yellow with e-gear. Pic is from pocket Casio straight after pick up. I'll try a better camera later.
  9. From my experience, ive found that if you break a car in the way you are really going to drive it, you experience much less problems, and they seem to always end being faster, than others broken in properly.
  10. Still Casio photo action, but here's a couple more.
  11. The biggest key to break in, IME, is to vary the RPMs. Accelerate, deccelerate. No steady speeds/throttle/RPMs.
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  13. I live in Bathurst, make sure you pick me up if you intend going 'round the Mount! I've seen two Murci's in town, no baby lambo's yet, you could be the first.
  14. Thanks for the tips, guys. I've done 2000km now, so I guess she's run in. The engine is loosening up very nicely. First service soon.

    Ryder, will do. I suggested to my wife that I might take a buddy to Bathurst at Easter for the bike races would be a nice idea. She has other ideas involving the family, so another time... In the meantime, here's another pic.
  15. ..according to Lamborghini, the Gallardo is delivered with a run-in engine. Each engine is run-in on a dyno before being installed. The car is then 'thrashed' to within an inch of it's life by a chain-smoking narrow-eyed Italian test driver who's method of testing is to do the 85 mile test run in each car in about 30 minutes. When it gets back to the factory (...and after waiting for it to cool down enough to touch...!), they clean it up, wrap it and ship it to a dealer. Basically, nothing you can do to the car would be as harsh as the Lambo test drivers do to it before you even set foot in it for the first time. Take delivery, turn right/left out of the dealers lot.....and hammer it....!!!! Have fun, that's what it's for. Besides, let the Fcar owners worry about their fragile little engines and whether or not there is a rain cloud within 1000 miles of their location....
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  17. So this thread's still going.........thanks for the suggestions. I've done 5000km now.
  18. 5000 km to date / 50 days = daily average

    100 km
    62.41 miles

    Some days are better than others
  19. Weather here is getting worse, so miles are slowing now.

    Are there higher mileage Gallardos out there?
  20. I have a customer who has put on 3700 miles on his car. He took delivery about two months ago, and has been out of town for the last three weeks. He came back for a oil change 9 days after delivery with over 1500 miles. Plus, he wants to know about the winter tire/wheel package.
  21. I'm at 2200 miles after a couple of months - I have other cars I drive, too, so I figure 5-8K miles per year.

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