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Roadster wheels on my Murci

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. What do you think?
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  3. I think they would be magnificent!
  4. Judging from the photoshop I'm sort of skeptical. But I've seen enough of 6.0's (AJ I believe?) work to pretty much have faith in whatever he plans on doing, no matter how bat sh*t insane it sounds before hand ;)
  5. "I'd hit it."

    Seriousley though, I think that would be a good addition.
    Isnt there already one Coupe with Roadster wheels out there?
    Wait, Im probably thinking of that 6.0 with Murci wheels.
    Owww, my head...
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  7. Much better than what you currently have ...
  8. You should see what I wrote on the thread about the Murcie Barchetta. Those rims look great!!! Definitely consider it!!! :D

  9. Er...uh....thanks.....I
  10. man, u are killing me with all your lambo's... i have to say, although you modify your lambo's which if i had 1 i would never do, they are very very tastefully done.. some of the best i've ever seen... especially the murc in this thread with the black wind and the pearl orange color.!!! kudos 2 u
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  12. Looks great AJ!!! :D
  13. Thanks for the photo shop Eric!!!
  14. imagine those wheels all black, hint, hint ;)
  15. Yes, I would do that. They are not 2-pc wheels, and you can see by my Viper and 6.0 pics that I am into black wheels.
  16. Eric, any chance you could do the exposed exhaust in black for me?
  17. Hey AJ, since you customize your Lambos, ever thought of wiring sparkplugs into the exhaust, I think that is what the old school hot roders used to do to make flames shoot out of the exhaust pipe, obvious you would have remove your cats, I think it worked by burning off the unspent gas......hook it up to a button in your dash your all set..............then again might be more involved then that.......but it would be cool to scare the little kids in their civics
  18. what if you made the recessed areas black, but left the flat edges exposed? I think if you put those wheels on then go all black you'll hide the design/visual value of adding them.
  19. I agree something has to be left natural. But there has to be a good natural separation to do that. Photoshop anyone??
  20. AJ -- I want to put the Murci Roadster wheels on my 6.0. Your murci looks excellent with them on. Love it.


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