Road&Track has Gallardo Chop top photo, anyone have it? | LamborghiniChat

Road&Track has Gallardo Chop top photo, anyone have it?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Mark(study), Apr 10, 2004.

  1. Nice looking Yellow Gallardo Spider in Road and Track this month.

    Does anyone have the mag? Can we get a scan posted?

    Looks like a photo... or is it a photoShop?
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  3. I just got the magazine. I'll go take a picture
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  5. Not sure how well this turned out...
  6. is this april 10th issue?
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  9. Its the May issue. It came in the mail today
  10. Thanks Guys! :)

    The car looks good so far. The same roll-bar shapes that make the Murci roadster look a bit too busy... look real good on the Gallardo. I hope we soon get more photos, I'd love to see veiw from the top.

  11. Well do they say anything or just tease us with the photo?
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  13. Here is the text from the caption - should be readable...
  14. Patience my friend patience!
  15. I think that a roadster look would suit the Gallardo well, as it would make the rear decklid look less angular/out of place as some have complained (I personally like it on the coupe). It also leaves the nice curves on the tops of the sides to be accentuated. The nose now looks like it may be on the chunky side for a sleek convertible, although this might be the photo, and less apparent in person (the car appeared much smaller and lower to me in real life, vs. photos).
  16. Yeah, I read that. The top is so stupid looking and it hangs over on both the front and back of the windshield and rear windscreen.

    That issue also talks about the new Porsche Boxster.
  17. I want one NOW! No three year joke waiting list just deliver the car
    oh and add twin turbos!!!
  18. Since we are in "other italians" - The alfa romeo featured on the same page...
  19. Since I can't sell a Pristine 550 I'll trade it in a heartbeat!!!!
  20. I'll trade you a barely used 2004 Maser!

  21. I can't do that ! That would be like trying to make up my losses in volume!!!!!
  22. Not too different from what I photoshopped 7 months ago...
  23. Looks awsome but the roof seems to look to much like turtle shell droppin down in the cabin like that. It would look alot better if its straight.
  24. man I love the muci chop top
  25. eeyyuck...personally i think the 360 spider is much better looking than the gallardo spider, but the murcielago roadster looks quite nice. anyone agree with me?
  26. agreed but the 360 spider has advantage over all the rest no one mentions... it has a fully lined auto retractalbe top andmakes the car as secure as a coupe at any speed in 19 seconds...this is a big plus!!!

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