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Rim Choice on My Diablo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, May 16, 2004.


Your Rim Choice

  1. OEM Lamborghini

  2. Chrome Loeharts with red accents

  3. Other

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Please choose between OEM and the Chrome with red accents.
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  3. This is funny. I jumped on this poll, thinking the OEM's suck.... and I love the chrome wheels.

    But after seeing both photos, I like the OEM's on your car, looks great!
  4. Remember where you are asking this question! God forbid you change a stereo around here much less wheels. Having said that, those OEM wheels do look great though.
  5. Dave,I voted the oem,but I love the red accents on the Lowerharts.Best of both worlds would be the OEM's accented somehow in red.I have looked at my wheels and dont see a good way to make a seperation,plus gold would not stand out like the red.
  6. It's not that I dislike those red/chrome wheels, but that I really like the OEM wheels... especially the rears.

    I also prefer the 6.0 wheels to the stock Murci wheels; given the curves and angles of the Murci, I'd have gone with a straight-spoked wheel vs. the little "axe" shapes they used.

    EDIT: After thinking about it more, here's what I would get: these "GT 3" wheels found on http://www.performancewheelsupplies.ltd.uk/ They look like BBS racing wheels.
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  8. After I got the car home I was set on the Chrome/red wheels UNTIL I saw your Golden Diablo! Wow! Ever since I have been leaning heavily towards the OEM. They look fantastic on your car IMO!
  9. Thanks Dave.Do you see any way to accent with color in any way?
  10. Hey Ryan,can you photoshop something for me?

    Can you make those wheels gold?And then black? A.J.
  11. Is this ok?
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  13. Damn Ryan,that is terrific!!What do you think?I kinda like the gold.
  14. Here's black and silver... it was a little tougher to make look natural without more time, but it's illustrative nonetheless.

    The gold is hands down the best.

    If you could get them to powercoat them to match that, you'd be... well, golden!
  15. Dave, here you go before you get jealous. :D
  16. Dave,didnt mean to hijack your thread.Hey Ryan,Im just curious,can you make Dave's wheels red??
  17. I don't know how one would accent the OEM's. I don't know where to stop. You guys are awsome and this thread is taking off with great ideas. It's great to see variations before one goes ahead with the real thing.
  18. You're a great graphics artist!! I very much enjoyed your work, but prefer the OEM silver paint. I am surprised that the poll is so slanted towards the OEM's.
    Naturally I value everybodys opinion as YOUR CARS are very classy!!
  19. HELLO LOUD AND CLEAR!! I never thought a car could have too much red but the red wheels pushed me over my limit!!
  20. I like your wheels (GT3)!
  21. That red is horrible!!I just had to see it.Isnt it amazing,I think the gold wheels look very good,but the red are...............I have no words!!
  22. LOL. Your welcome and thank you for the compliments. Yeah, those GT3 wheels would be the ones I'd get if I had a 348/355, Diablo or even a 911.

    Remember who asked for the red wheels! Wasn't my idea! :D
  23. The gold makes me feel some nostalgia for the old black countach / with gold rims that I lusted over while in grade school
    Can’t loose either way. Stock 6.0 rims are beautiful
    Did not care for the red 6.0 photoshop rims but the aftermarket ones with accents are nice if not too "bling bling trendy" I swear some rap stars have the same rims..
    just my .002
  24. OEM wheels are way cool. Sorry to say this but the only thing I did not like about your car were the wheels ... didn't say anything before, because it is your new car, etc.

    IMO atleast get rid of the red accent, not classy at all, but if you can get the OEM as they are wild!!!

  25. So A.J., are you going to get the gold wheels now?
  26. 6.0 wheels are perfect as they are.
  27. How about some HRE's?
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