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'Rides' Lambo on Now!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Roryferrari, Feb 8, 2005.

  1. Don't know if this is a re-run, but very interesting build at the factory on Murcis.
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  3. Indeed it was a re-run......but it's always fun to watch. I remember seeing V. Balboni on 60 Minutes back in 88 (or 89), take a Countach to top speed on those very same roads....in fact, I still have that on video somewhere.
  4. Could they have picked a more exciting and animated narrator?

    It also chafed everytime he mispronounced Murcielago - perhaps the Italians say it MurcielAHgo, instead of the Spanish "MurciELago" ...
  5. Rides is on what channel?
  6. TLC
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  8. stumbled on it....ahhhhhh
  9. The mispronounciation bugged me too, but I thought his pace and tone were good. It kept the narration from being overpowering, and let the images have the most powerful effect.

    Which they sure did! That assembly line is an engineer's dream. A perfect balance between organization and hands on passion.
  10. I say Mercy-uhl-lago =x
  11. Just watched it this morning from a recording...I really enjoy that show. The shots of the factory were very interesting, and any interview with V. Balboni is worth seeing! I think the narrator is good, even if he isn't the most emotional. There is also a great episode of Rides where they put a Lexus 4.3L V8 with a Supra 6spd manual into an IS300...making it an IS430. :)
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  13. The italians I know they pronounce it like in spanish, is that everybody is saying it like english speaking people. The same thing that happens with Countach, no one in the world outside of Italy says it like it is "countak"
  14. I'm actually really impressed with the manufacturing, especially with how much of the stuff is done in-house. I figured they would just outsource parts to be made (brakes, CF tubs, etc), but no, they actually did it all inside. Doesn't Ferrari outsource their brakes to Brembo, CF tubs to Dallara, etc? Do they forge their engine blocks in house like Lamborghini does?
  15. pretty funny because the day before yesterday i had a dream i was DRIVING a red merci roadster! and then i came up that afternoon and the show was on... amazing car! wow...just wow
  16. Ferrari still does their engines. Don't forget Alcoa doing their aluminum stamping.

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