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resale value of a late model diablo?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by scycle2020, May 19, 2004.

  1. what do lambo guys think the long term resale value of a later model diablo will be....lets say you can find a 6.0 for 170000ish..where will the price be in 3, 5, 10 years if the car keepslow milage and in good condition? please help me justify this totally irrational purchase!!!! and please no more lambo pictures...i will end up in even more debt for this out of control obsession thanks to y9ou lambo owners tempting know who you are!!!!
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  3. A.J. stop posting pics.

    The car cannot go down too much farther. It is not like you are going to
    have 6.0's running around with 18,000 miles for 115K in four years. Will
    it continue to drop ? Yes. I think the drop is going to really hit the
    brakes. I do not see the SV's heading really South. Those cars are
    in and around the 135/150 area. Obviously the 6.0 is going to be ahead
    of those cars. There are so many "other" people who will only consider
    a 6.0. They only want the "refined" Lambo. How much farther can
    the 6.0 drop ? Another 15/20 over four years ? That is not too bad
    when you are talking about a real exclusive exotic. It really is a completly
    different Diablo. Are you not happy with a car losing 15/20 over four years ?
    Go buy the new 997. What will be the drop in four years ?
    Yes the maintainance will be less. It is also not the same car.
    All the late cars are going to get dinged on resale. However the 360 can often
    be flipped quite well.

    The only way to come out ok; is to purchase a superb "classic" exotic.
    A Miura or Boxer. A car in excellent mechanical condition.

    Are you sure you do not want some more pics ?
  4. I hope you dont mean me!!That is a tough question to answer,and Im sure you will get alot of expert opinions on this one.Well,here's my expert 91 diablos have depreciated about 60% since new.The late model countaches had done about 50%,before they bottomed out and started to slowly appreciate.Over the last 6 months,the Countaches have gone up about 5%(late model cars).We should assume that the early diablos are close to bottom,at 85-100k.They set the low number,and the rest fall in line.Take a 6.0 for instance.At an original ptice of 274,000 ,and a current value of say 170k,it has a way to go down yet.At a 50% depreciation,you could get as low as 135-140k for a nice car in a few more years.A couple of factors that should slow down the later model Diablo depreciation.They dont make them any more,and the 98-01's were superior cars in every way to the early cars.Someone looking for a nice Diablo is going to be looking at the late model cars,because of the technological advances,and they didnt make that many cars overall.Will it ever be a collector car?Not likely in the next 10 years.There will be some models that will bottom out early,and begin to appreciate sooner.Maybe the 94se,the 98-99sv's,and hopefully the 6.0's,because it is the last of the breed.Maybe the milli. roadsters also.To sum it up,my opinion,and thats all it is,would be that the 6.0's will continue to drop,more moderately,for 3-5 years.They should bottom out in the 135-140 range.I would think in ten years they may be where they are now.Alot of outside factors influence this of course,but there will always be at least 50k difference in a 91 and 01,and they 91's have about hit bottom,or close to it.It general terms,it takes 15 years to depreciate a car like this.I think the later model Diablos will do it sooner,as they have taken a bigger hit than normal,quicker.

  5. Pleast stop posting pics!! I have always loved Ferraris with everything I had, and even have said on this forum how I don't like the Countach (got a lot of heat for that). Howeve seeing all the newer lambos (6.0 and Diablos), have gotten my mouth watering, and all I think about day and night is about lambos. I want that to be my first exotic, and it is all the fault of you guys! You guys are responsible for my new sickness and my venturing into the dark side of the italian world!
  6. ok, you got me, i am hooked... please more pics!!!!!!
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  8. thanks aj.... a great and detailed anaylsis... are you sure you are not an accountant????
  9. Another thing to consider...When these Murci's and Gallardo's start comming off their two year lease's, theres going to be a mini flood of Lambo's on the market which will depress prices some, and temp Diablo owners to trade. Also with Audi increasing production that's not going to help resale values either. Same thing the Majors face, but on a small scale. Economics is economics.
  10. Ryan

    I backed into Lamborghini. I am happy I did. I like both marques. You cannot go wrong with either marque. I actually had two P.P.I.'s performed on TR's. One with Dikrhan at FoBH, and the other with FoNE. I grabbed the first good mid-engine 12 I could find. It was a full six/eight months before I discovered the Dark Side. PM (before you come to boring H-Town) me if you would like to have a ride, and grab a cup of coffee while in Houston.

    Nice new bike you have !
    Oh Welcome to the Dark Side.


  11. A.J.

    You got a big one, on the end of the line.
    Excellent post. Are you that detailed when
    it comes to purchasing socks ?

    Where is Dave ? He has the red 666 (6.0).

    Raymond. I heard they were going to slow down the Murcielago production.

    Scycle2020 Don't blame us if you end up sleeping in the dog house. There is no cure.
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  13. I will send a Pm, as I don't want to hijack this thread further. I was talking to anotehr F chatter about this for about 2 hours today. I like F and L cars and either would be nice to have. But I find the Lambo being more slutty/porn star/rock star type of a car, whereas the F car at times seems like a button down CEO car. So at times the alambo experience seems much wilder, and with you and AJ egging everyone one, you are not helping anybodys wallets ;)

    Thanks on the bike. :)
  14. thanks a lot ralph... so my prognosis is poor!!!!!!
  15. No,Im not,but heres a pic of my accountant. I love this car stuff!!!!!!
  16. Don't and I repeat don't drive one or listen to me or AJ or Ralph or others who have seen the light. And please don't look at the following pics!!
  17. Please don't look at these pictures!!
  18. LMAO!! Yeah,dont look at those incredibly gorgeous pics of a 3.4 second 0-60 piece of carbon fibre.

    P.S. I am not at liberty to give his name yet,but another F car owner,who I like to think I helped push over the edge,has committed to a Titanium 6.0.
  19. DAMN you DAVE!!!!!!!! My goal is to buy my first exotic at 33, so that I can be diligent financially, and be rather conservative with my toys. You guys and your pictures are so terrible!!! Its like showing pictures of hookers to a sex addicit. This is pure torture. :eek: You guys will pay for this one day. I don't know how, but I will figure it out. LOL.
  20. I A'INT SKEERED!!!

    I love saying that.
  21. When in the past I've made some extensive purchases, I've ended up in the dog house for several hours and maybe 1/2 day total. I called my wife in January of 2002 while in Florida by myself and informed her I had really gotten in trouble. If the reaction was too bad, it was winter up north and I could always stay for an extended time at my condo. When she found out it was only a car she was relieved. When my middle son and I informed her we were going to look at a car and then brought the Diablo home, into the dog house I went for 1 week. She was upset that I chose to park her mini-van outside and the Diablo inside in her stall. I still have trouble with that logic but then again I'm not her. I am a sports car nut and do not bash or care to denigrate anybodys dream car. I run a business totally devoted to my employees welfare. I have benefits and pay great wages and issue profit sharing checks depending on what kind of year we've had. They all went nuts over the car the day after I brought it home and most want rides. I've got the best group of employees that one could ask for and for the last week the best wife I could ask for. She bought me a chocolate Ferrari and Lamborghini last weekend. BTY what is that accountants name and phone number?
  22. aj, i could use some accounting help... whats her number?
  23. You are very awsome to have a goal at 33 for an exotic. I don't mind telling you I just turned 50 2 months ago. Come to think of it, my wife didn't buy me anything for the big 50th.

  24. Your dog house days for buying the Lambo will seem mild compared to the punishment you will get for hiring that accountant ;) :D
  25. this is unusal and cruel punishment dave!!!!!! you know what they say about those who play with the devil!!!!!please dont tell me where youlive..i will break in and steal it.. iwant!!!!!!1

  26. Thanks Dave. I tend to have very good discipline. Hopefully by 33, if all things go as is, should have a nice exotic. It was going to be a 355 or 550, but you guys have sucked me on to the dark side. Congrats on your big 50th. What do you want your wife to get you, wasn't forgiveness enough? LOL :D
  27. On a serious note, I was unsure how much help I would get thing about a Lombo purchase. I really owe an extreme amount of gratitude to everybody who posted great info. I wasn't sure with the prior bashing on many threads it was possible. This thread has been what I would hope for fun and helpful. I will help anybody with any car purchase which I have knowledge regardless of the marque. If I can help somebody realize their dream, I am totally satisfied and fullfilled. I wish to leave this world and people I've touched a better place.
  28. Dave nice pics. Thankfully you wanted stock wheels !! It looks so much better. Dave nice words you posted.

    Ryan has been bitten by the Lambo Bug. His days as a F.C. moderator are #'d.

    A.J. Nice CPA. She looks better than my 280 pound CPA !

    I hid my first exotic for about a month. I wondered how I would drop the news ? I waited for the correct time.

    I upgraded and came out ok. It was easier the 2nd time. I just said I am going to do it. No sleeping in the garage. The problem is when you start going to these exotic car meets. "The wifes talk." They learn real fast what the car costs. You cannot say that X cost Y.

    All this stuff really makes one foam at the mouth. Time to go back to the toy store ?

    - - -

    A.J. and Dave ~ What is the EXCUSE for the "2nd" exotic ?
    Pleze tell us. I need to put "your tricks" in my bag.

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