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Red Murcie Photos ?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by BlueBiturbo, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. I haven't seen any good pics of a red Murcie, even the ones on aren't good enough. Maybe it's because most new Diablo 6.0s and Murcies are yellow?

    If anyone here have a nice pic of red Murcie would you be kind enough to post it ?

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  3. Great pics!!That red is stunning.I want one.
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  5. CCarlisi, Gorgeous simply gorgeous. If Fox Valley had that color combination in a Murcie April 10, the car would be in Indiana now. I believe they have this color combination (new Murcielago) inbound this summer.
  6. The red is smokin hot as well as the blue parked next to it!
  7. i want it now!!!!! love the that red!!!!!lets see, if i sell my house, and my stocks and mybonds and old beatles record collectiion and if i work overtime with no vacaions fro 3 years... yep i can do it.... yupeee!!!!
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  9. Thanks alot for the replies guys.
    Red Murcie is definitely hot.
  10. Post more pictures of that night shot of the red murci that is incredible. I love the murci I dont know the name of the color its similar to Ferrari Pozzi Blue with cream leather inside.
  11. I've seen a Murcie in person in the red color in Toronto quite a bit. The color does not do the car justice in my eyes. I like red Diablos and Countachs and Ferraris but I think the Murcie and Gallardo deserve a futuristic color like pearl orange/yellow/blue/green. I believe a modern car that pushes the boundaries needs a very unique paint job and the red isn't it. Black also is lost on the Murcie. Just my thoughts...
  12. AJ, I need sone counseling now!! How do I stay out of the thread?
  13. I agree the Motor Trend International Auto Show here in Vegas last year, they had a red Diablo Roadster MOMO Edition and a Red Murcielago. The red Diablo looked absolutley tantalizing, but the red Murcie just looked "alright" in that color. IMO the Murcie looks best in Yellow or Orange...maybe even Green. It just doesn't stand out as much with the red. It fits well with the Diablo though....
  14. LOL.You could get another one Dave. That would look really cool in a pic. Red murci, red Diablo, Red 360, red....the other one.
  15. wow it looks fantastic
  16. Don't see to many of these in the same red...
  17. I agree except I'm out of room at home. I need shock treatments or something to help me refrain from visiting this thread.

    BTY the F-Chat guys were very appreciative of the Lambo as the wife wouldn't let me have the Mini Van for the special night.

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