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Recent Manheim auction prices

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. Pulled the Manheim auction results on Gallardo's today. Keep in mind these are WHOLESALE prices. These are cars that sold.


    06/24/04 RIVRSIDE Regular $171,500 816 Avg BLACK 10G A Yes

    06/24/04 RIVRSIDE Regular $167,000 2,000 Avg YELLOW 10G A Yes
    05/27/04 RIVRSIDE Regular $176,000 187 Avg YELLOW A Yes
    04/08/04 MANHEIM Regular $174,000 792 Avg ORANGE 10G 6 Yes
    03/17/04 W PALM Regular $172,000 1,005 Avg BLACK 6 Yes
    02/11/04 ATLANTA Regular $189,500 471 Above YLW A Yes
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  3. Look to be depreciating like any other garden variety Audi.

    Good info though.

  4. Looks steady to me on the wholesale level.
  5. You must not be looking at this right. These are wholesale #'s. Add 10% for dealer retail, and you are at or over msrp. Example: 171k at wholesale equals 180 minimum retail. That is on a used car, not new. Do you expect dealers to flip for 0 profit? Just curious.
  6. thanks aj... our local dealership, that will soon be dissolved will apparently sell the 4 remaining g cars in stock at or slightly below list... at least that is the impression i got fron the sales person...i did not actually put an offer on the car as it is not a murci or diablo,but still a great car none the less
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  8. Of course not....but this is just the tip of the iceberg my friend. I'd look to pick one up at a steal for a before too long.

  9. I stick to the facts, as you see above. Opinions are like........Your smarter than most if you can predict that. There was a thread here a couple of months ago about G cars being available in the 150's. That was BS also. I know most F car guys are very disappointed that the G car prices have remained steady. Lambo is now using the old F car trick, raise the prices on the new cars coming in, and that holds the value on the resale of the cars already here. Very clever.
  10. Just a quick side note, those prices are all MSRP or better on each of those cars. I know because I watched every one of them sell either in person or online when it ran. Almost all of them were base cars with the exception of the E-gear. I happen to have one of them sitting in my showroom to prove it. The prices are not slipping much at all. And A.J., how the hell did you get that stuff:) Oh well, I guess info is a commodity just like cars are.

  11. I have an account. The grandfather
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  13. Chris and Car Guy:

    I too have been following the Manheim auctions and have concluded that something strange is going on with respect to high line cars. Namely, I suspect the these are retail prices. That is, it appears that there is a lot of proxy buying going on where dealers are buying cars customers based on pre-arranged orders.

    For example, to get away from the the my **** is bigger than your **** argument (even though we know the truth, eh?), here is a recent Manheim auction for a 360 Spider:

    05/12/2004 W PALM $224,000 58 mile BLUE F1

    The problem is that $224,000 for a 2004 Spider is all the money in the world. While these cars are not exactly sitting on the floor, if you are a real buyer, you can find one of these cars for $20,000 over sticker, if you look hard enough.

    My point is that this is not a wholesale number. Moreover, I'm gonna guess that your Lambo numbers are not wholesale either.

    Please understand, I'm not saying that Lambo prices are tanking. But it does appear that the Manheim number on high end cars are retail, not wholesale.

    Your thoughts?

  14. Well you are correct that the prices are right around retail, they are still technically considered wholesale numbers. The idea about having them pre-sold is more than likely. I've heard other wholesale prices, in other instances, that were flirting with retail. I found out the cars were "pre-sold" and the only reason the prices got as high as they did was becasue two dealers had it pre-sold and got in a pissing match.

    Another scenario would be retail buyers themselves actually getting in or, "casual dealers" getting in on the action. I'm not sure, but I don't think you are a dealer, are you Dr. Tax? But you have the results.
  15. Dem's da know ain't talking...
  16. I would agree with your statements and all points. Alot of the Manheim highline purchases have always been that way. It is my opinion also that these cars are not really available at "wholesale" prices at this time. Dealers are buying for close to MSRP, but in most cases have the cars sold already. I do know of 2 dealers however that purchased from Manheim auctions, and the cars are for retail sale on their showrooms. Either way, the prices are holding fairly steady at the moment, but your point is well received at this end!!
  17. AJ

    You can't appreciate that I went out of my way to get a real world opinion from a high end dealer of the G-car market? Me putting my money where my mouth is?

    An, "Ear to the ground/in the trenches" assessment of the quickly dropping G?

    No response?

    I expected more but in allanlambo-esque fashion... you drop a statement and go deep when the truth hits home.

  18. Why keep spouting about something you obviously know nothing about? Just because you don't like the car doesn't mean they are giving them away like 550's! Go try to actually buy one at your plummeting prices and you will see that you can't. How many people that are actually in the market do you need to tell you that you have no clue?
  19. What on Earth does a 550 have to do with this? OK, since you brought it up...I can flip my car and MAKE $$ right now. I don't believe a G-car owner can. Do you? Really? Oh, and btw, I happen to like the G and really like the Murcie.

    I just can't imagine why you cant get over the fact that they AREN'T Ferraris and aren't going to hold in value at the same level (based on like models of course).

    As far as this thread....a man said to put my money where my mouth is and I have. Why? Because I wanted to know more.

  20. sorry if this is a stupid question - i don't know too much about how the auction market works for cars.

    if a high-end car is selling well, and for at or above sticker, why would it go through auction? it's not like there are 1000 gallardos on the lots around the country - we're talking about more like 25 - 50 cars absolute max tops. and, the few stragglers aside, generally everybody knows where they are.

    so why would a car like this go to auction instead of being sold dealer to dealer or dealer to customer given how the prices are holding?

  21. Your a funny guy. As usual, I have no idea what you are referring to. Again, show me the money. Where have you seen a G car sell at retail at a giveaway price? And I will say the same thing I said 30 days ago, when some other people were talkin this non sense. Find me a new car in the 165-170 range and I will give you 1000 dollars, because I will buy it, sell it, and make money. You there? You read too much stuff, you need to get into the real car world and take a look. I enjoy reading your stuff though, even if you dont make any sense.
  22. Darth, please show me the "quickly dropping G". Okay, show me ONE "quickly dropping G". Im still waiting? You there? You can hear a pin drop. Whats quickly dropping to you? A 172k msrp car that was purchased by a dealer at auction for 169,000, and its a 2000 mile used car?? Surely you have more than that. I'll be here.
  23. Bank repo,s, etc. The cars above are used, not new. Im sure there is a story behind most.
  24. Actually, you hit the nail on the head. The truth is that there is no organized wholesale market for these high end cars. Don't misunderstand, there are a few wholesale brokers, such as The Sports Car Company. However, it is still a word-of-mouth bidness. Somehow, somewhere, a car falls out of bed. The sale manager makes a few calls. Some are to other dealers. Some as to the less than half-a-dozen wholesale brokers in the country. If all else fails, you can run the car through the Manheim PA, Riverside CA, or West Palm, FL high line auctions.

    To give you an idea, the Manheim records show that only 18 360 Spiders have crossed the block since 2001. I don't know how many Spiders were imported, but 18 ain't a whole lot. This means that the rest of them were sold through back channels.

    As far as the Lambos go, my guess is that they are still working on putting their networks together. Any time you introduce a new line to such a diverse market as the USA, it takes a while to put the pieces together. So if you are seeing a high number of Lambos cross the block, this is my guess as to the reason why.

    One last thing. There appears to be a fixation where retail buyers of exotic cars want to pay wholesale prices. While it is logical to want to get the best possible deal, it is illogical to think that you can get a wholesale price unless, of course, you are a wholesale dealer.

    To see if you are a wholesaler, please take this simple test:

    "Ring, ring, hey Jim-Bob (that's you) it's Larry here.

    (Fast forward through several minutes of totally inane gossip and innuendo.)

    Hey listen Jim-Bob, the reason I'm calling is that I have a Red/Tan 2002 Spider coming in that I need to get $190 for. Are you interested?

    Sure, let me make a few calls and get back to you this afternoon."

    If you are in a position to buy a Ferrari (or Lambo) over the phone like Jim-Bob, you are a wholesaler.

    If not, you are a retail buyer, and you're gonna pay a retail price. That's just the way the game is played.

  25. Darth, you as well as everyone knows the F car secret to keeping values up. Continue to raise prices on incoming, and the value on old cars remains stronger. They are the masters of this art. Lambo is attempting to do the same now. But it will take years before they are as clever. Things are changing in the market place. There is a new sheriff in town.
  26. Amen to that.
  27. Speaking of depreciation, how does a '97 550 compare to a similar miles '97 Diablo SV?
  28. Interesting question, or perhaps point. In the UK, the asking price on the Diablo might be approx 20% higher than the 550.

    £60K for 550..... £75K for Diablo.

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