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Real Cash Value of 2001 6.0 2500 miles

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Apr 29, 2004.

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  2. Decent cars seem to close around 155K. Those are cars that have around
    10,000 miles +/-. Adjust the price accordingly. There are not many 6.0
    garage queens floating around.

    It appears that low low mileage does not bring that much more, over
    a vehicle with normal mileage. The real loser is the owner who got
    very little in return; for preserving an as-new car for someone else.

    It is staggering to think how much someone lost for 2,500 miles.
    It would make more sense to rent a few different exotics. It
    is very possible someone lost well over 100K after adding up "all"
    the expenses. For what ? To give someone a cherry car
    with 2,500 miles on the clock.

    One other thing I cannot understand. Why did the owner not
    put another 10,000 miles +/- on the car ? He would only lose
    another 15K at most. This is a small price to pay, when one
    is willing to flush over 100K anyway. At least the person would
    have enjoyed the car to some degree. ( 4 times the enjoyment
    for another 15K ) ?
  3. Why do lamborghini's lose thier value so fast. They are beautiful cars and more exotic looking then ferrari's. Are they not built as well? I dont get it?
  4. Thanks Ralph, BTW great looking car in your profile. I guess I've got a garage queen 01 360 with 5k miles.

  5. Every car is different.

    You could not stand on that, when comparing them to the 575/456.

    The contemporary mid engine 8's, seem to do the best of all sport autos.

    Probably a lot has to do with image and reputation. I would guess that
    a lot of non-car people feel Lamborghinis are too raw and unrefined ?
    This is changing fortunately or unfortunately. Also it did not help when
    you had very little, in the way of a dealer franchise network. A broker
    with a fax is different, vs a dealer with a parts counter and a shop with
    modern lifts.
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  7. Thanks Dave:

    Yes: but you will get your $ back 4 the 360 !!
    What would happen with the other
    F cars available in 01, with 5K miles ?

    I have a real royal garage queen.
    That will change soon.

    (Dave) the computer report will really
    help you with technical #'s; to verify
    condition of the 6.0.
  8. My garage queen has never been in the rain. If there is rain even bordering Indiana, it stays in the garage as I don't have to drive it. I'm keeping it in concours condition for the next owner!! Logical??
  9. Very difficult to find a 6.0 with those low miles,and in red to boot.That car is worth 170+ all day long.You can find them for 155 or so,but they have issues,or stories,or no records.....It would be very difficult to find a 2000 mile 6.0 for under 170k,they are just not around.
  10. Any car is worth whatever buyers are willing to pay...I see alot of 6.0s with 15k-20k and the dealers want $175k+. I was given $145k in '03 trade on a '01 6.0 with 3500...I was'nt very happy but at the time I assumed that the dealer was going to re sell for $165k, but it was closer to $180k. This is why I hate trading cars in:(
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  12. Thank you for your reply. i could never figure it out, but what you said makes sense. I have always thought that lamborghini's are beautiful cars and i have never had a chance to drive one but i would consider buying one maybe in the future. My choice 98 SV yellow or a 6.0 orange.
    by the way congradulations on your red beauty it looks great!

  13. Thanks. Good Luck to you. I hope you get whatever you want.

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