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Ready for 360 F-car, but saw Murcie...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by weatherman1940, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. After so much research and soooooooo much help from many of you in this group, I have greatly narrowed down the body style, color, and options for my 360. HOWEVER...this past week, while checking out an NC dealer that someone here posted about, I came across two 2005 Murcie and one Gallardo...both in Metis Red/Ivory (the sister color to Fiorano Red).

    I know very little about the Lambo (aside from the very limited number of dealers and servicing across the USA). The Murcie blew my mind away. Oh, it didn't take away from the 360, just a different kind of experience.

    Knowing that several of you here are/were Murcie owners, please tell me if I would be getting a car that is only different in price and lack of visibility to back it up (and V-12), or is there really something there for the difference between $230k and $300k???

    I don't want to be so extravagant as to buy both and I had really studied the 360 in depth. Would just like to hear something from those of you that do or have owned both. "Opinions from experience" mean a lot at this least to me.

    Oh...the Murcie was NOT the roadster, but had all the options on it...special high polish wheels and all the interior goodies...listed for about $300,600.

    Any .02 cents or two bits worth would be appreciated. Trash me if you want, but I believe a person can always learn something by asking for info.


    Mike in NC
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  3. Murci and 360 are not in the same leage. Get the Murcie you will not regret it. I personnally would not spend close to 300 for a non roadster esp if I did not get it built to my personal specs. the only true difference in favor of the f-car is depreciation. If you do not mind picking one up slightly used or carry over you can lessen the drastic drop in price. If you do not care about depreciation then go for it. the difference in the experiance between the Lambo and f-car is night and day.
  4. Drive them all and you be the judge.After being in the Murci or the Gallardo you will not be impressed with the 360.Also if you choose to go with the Murci you can buy a slightly used one for around 220k.
  5. Very interesting on the price. I've found several 2004 360 spiders with <300 miles and all are $220-$240. The Murcie must drop like a rock!

    Everyone seems to be fairly consistent with the point of "no comparison" between the two. Just not familiar with Lambos, so didn't know where they fit in the exotic car hierarchy

  6. I won't trash you as I own a 360 and 13 months ago drove a Gallardo and Murcielago both an hour each. I could not get the V-12 experience out of my mind. I ALMOST bought the Murcie but found a 01 Diablo and kept the 360. Thinking the Diablo couldn't become my favorite,,,,Times have changed, Spring has come finally to Indiana and my desire for a Murcie has happened again. Guess which car will be traded if I can come to terms....the 360. Drive all three and if you have similar tastes to mine, you'll purchase the Murcielago and never look back!!!!
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  8. I have driven both the 360 and Murcie extensively. Overall, the Murcie has much better performance in terms to acceleration and handling. The Murcie could take corners and with such pose that the 360 couldn't possibly have taken. Grip levels on the Murcie is much higher, and the fact that you sit lower helps a lot too. However, I think the 360 feels a bit more nimble due to smaller size.

    Stock for stock, the exhaust on the 360 is more audible. After you change the exhaust on the Murcie, exhaust note will be superior. It's just mind blowing...

    I think the 360 revs quicker than the Lambo's V12 on both upshift and downshift. The F1 tranny on the 360 is very fun, although the 6pd manual on the Murcie is very fluid as well. I haven't tried the e-gear.

    Acceleration is no contest. The Murcie has incredible torque at each gear. Given the same roads, I could hit 150mph casually in the Lambo all the time, whereas, the 360 will just to reach 130mph on the same stretch of road. I think there are a lot of cars on the road today that will outrun the 360, but that's not really the point is it. Regardless, you will have lots of fun in both cars, especially on the track or backroads, so it really depends on what your needs are.

    Overally, the Murcie is much more car than the 360. Reliability of both cars are quite good as well. The Lambo draws more attention, not sure if it's a good or bad thing.
  9. Did it occur to anyone that the 360 is an "entry level" car and the Murcielago is Lambo's top of the line model? They don't even have the same price point.
  10. on the used market.....360 spiders are around $220 and so are Murcies :)

    might make a good poll, to see how many people would go with L or F-car
  11. I repeat: 360=entry level Ferrari, Murcielago=top of the line Lambo

    Also, if you want to use the 360 spider, why don't you use a similar type of vehicle, like the Murcielago Roadster. How much is the Roadster, again?
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  13. You can insert "Gallardo" everywhere it says Murci and you have the same result, a better car.
  14. Sorry in advance for this post and kind of getting away from the subject at hand but, its not supposed to be a rant its just that I see this argument over and over and its a bit tiring......

    I find myself reading all of these threads about what's better or worse, Lambo vs F-car, F-car vs "X"; if you go to a Toyota message board you will find the same types of discussions my Toyota "X" is better than the Nissan "Y" and continuing with my analogy.... you go to an elementary school and you'll get the kids arguing over my Schwinn 18 speed is faster than your Huffy.... Why is it that we care so much????
    Is it not enough that the person who owns it is happy with it? or can't anything stand on its own merits without having to be measured against something else?

    sort of back on topic.... I think cars at the levels of Ferraris, Lambos etc can't be measured by plain numbers on a piece of paper or just about "the lambo has much more grip" or else how can anyone justify buying a >$200K plus car when one could get a Z06 which on paper can better every one of those figures for a 1/4 to 1/3 of the price? or how about a Subi WRX which can stay pretty close on most figures for 1/8 of the price? No one can! These cars are all about emotion and passion so they have to stand alone in their own merits and so the Murcie is a great car, the 360 is a great car, the Maranello is a great car, the Gallardo is a great car, etc. Just drive them all and see what stirs your soul the most and what you can afford ( if that is a concern at all ) and go for it!
  15. Ask Fchatter Clax: he sold his 360 Spider to get a Murci, and loves it.
  16. Fred Guido...thanks for your post/rant. I agree that all these cars are nice and you should buy the one you like best if there are no restrictions like money, etc.

    However, the purpose of this thread was for me to get OPINIONS from people who have experienced both cars. I still have to make the buying decision on my own likes/dislikes. No problem with that. There have been many good comments in this thread, especially considering my basic position of not knowing much about Lambo's and wanting some questions answered. I asked for opinions and I got opinions. Another great job done by members here that can be counted on to offer a helping hand.

    I did NOT ask for a pi$$ing contest about which cars are good and which are bad. As already said, they are all good. If people want to phrase their comments in that manner, so what? Just the facts would be great, but human nature doesn't always go that way.

    I appreciate all that has been expressed and I can sort through it all to help me be more informed. Just as simple as that. Sorry if some people get wound up when asked for an opinion.

    Thanks again to all...

  17. Here is what I did. Purchase a used 360 six speed, 2 years later looked at the Murcie but purchased a 01 Diablo 2k miles. I made the mistake of liking/driving my Diablo too much as I an seriously trying to get a Murcie trade deal done with my 360. I ventured over to the dark side and can't find my way back.
  18. In that case, 360 all the way! Something about Ferraris just makes ones blood boil inside. The Murcie is a great car but IMHumbleO they are heavy and even more of a grand tourer than the 360 but coming from an Elise everything looks big to me ;-)!

    Good luck with whatever choice you make! great dilemma to find yourself in!
  19. My friend the 360 is a twister. The Lambo 12, a hurricane.
  20. I'm lucky enough to own both a Murci and 360 Spider, both with Tubi's as well as test pipes for the 360.

    If you held a gun to my head and told me I could only keep one. It'd be the Murci in a heartbeat. No contest.

    You can read about my experiences with it on my profile on if you want. My log in name is the same.

    Turn to the Dark Side, you'll never look back.
  21. I sat in a 360 duing the autoshow in NY and liked it. I didn't sit in the murci, but got to put my hand on the door when my pic was taken standing next to it. They let me sit in the 360 after i spent 20$ on the beyonde the quarter DVD. I think you should get a Murcie. I would take the Murcie over all Ferraris except the Enzo. The Murcie will turn more heads than a 360, espcially if you get it in orange or yellow.

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