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Rarest (production) Countach of 'em all ?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by BlueBiturbo, Feb 13, 2005.

  1. I just realized that there were LP 400 S (S1) made with periscopa roof.
    How many were made ? Must be hard to find now.

    This is one example:

    More question:
    Does the LP 400 S (S1) has the same dashboard and speedo as the LP 400?
    I have many books on the countach including the one by Marchet & Coltrin, unfortunately none has detailed info about S1, mostly S2.
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  3. Periscopa roof?

    Im pressive for 1978.

    They probably have this car on www.lambocars.com so you might want to check here.
  4. Thanks.

    Lambocars.com was the first place I looked for, but none there.
    Any other good info regarding the countach S1 on the web? Although I think lambocars.com is still the most complete one out there

  5. The car is very rare.

    LP 400 S1 - Some have the early dash (Stewart Warner gauges) and some have the later dash (Jaeger gauges). There were also alot of changes from one car to the other. Most of these cars all have subtle changes from one degree or another.
  6. What the heck is a periscope roof??? I cant really see from the picture but it looks as though theres a dude popping out of the engine bay.......
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  8. okay, so apart from channelling much-needed precipitation into the cockpit, what does it do?
  9. It's just a carryover from the old LP 500 prototype, perhaps the original idea was as a persicope for the rear window?
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  11. judging by the looks of it, it apears as if it is supposed to give you more reward viewing in the mirror. you would be able to see a bit more of the car behind you.
  12. well i guess that makes sense, Peri meaning "around/about" and Scope "look/see". it'd be interesting to see what is actually visible through that mail slot. :)
  13. Nothing about the Countach makes sense :) ... but it's still is one helluva car !
  14. Learn something new every day. Today it was that some countaches had periscopes, just wait til i tell my pals.....yeh right...
  15. From my understanding the periscope rear view mirror was never put into production and no car was shipped with it. The little window on the roof was kept during early Countach production purely as a styling cue. In fact there is a registry (The Registro Periscopio) for those that own these cars.

    For those who do not know, the original design as appeared in the prototype was to have a special rear-view mirror that allowed a clear view out the thin piece of glass mounted on the roof. Thus the idea of the 'periscope'. Kinda like a submarine.
  16. There were about 150 LP 400 's made,from 74 to 77 when the s was introduced.The periscope roof was supposed to be used with a mirror to have better rear visibility but the rear view mirror never made it into production and the periscope was totally useless except that it decreased head room inside the car and was subsequantly discontinued.
    The LP 400 that i owned had stewart warner gauges and 14 inch wheels
  17. Original LP 400 . Nice car! Thumbsup!

    I know that all LP 400 has periscopa roof but never knew S with one.

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