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Quick questions about my new Diablo Roadster

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Tomf-1, Aug 22, 2004.

  1. 1--The oil tempeture gauge gravitate toward between 6 to 8. Is this typical? Everything else seems about midway....

    2--The motor fans behind the firewalls kick on (really loud) every 5 minutes or so...Is it also normal?

    3--The Hazzadous light keeps on blinking even if the hazzadous button is off. I tried to turn the button on and off several times to see what happens and sometimes it turns off but it comes back on again after a few seconds. Alos, after the car is turned off, it stays on (both in the instrument panel as well as outside) for about a minute and it then turns itself off. I suspect there is a circuit short somewhere. Any thoughts?

    4--I found the battery switch behind the driver seat...I don't intend to drive it everyday but likely every weekend (oh..yeah..lol)...Is there any harm in turning it on and off once a week? After it is turned back on, do I need to wait for awhile before turning the car back on or will it start right up?

    5--What RPM do you normally shift into 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th...? I am used to shifting at high RPM in Ferrari's high reving engine.

    Otherwise, the car is absolutely immaculous and brand new both inside and out. I can't thank enough to everyone of you for your useful help and guidance in the discovery process. You all know who you are. I'm grateful for advice as well as the new friendships made along the way.
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  3. Great to hear the car was as you hoped. How many miles have you put on it so far? Please let me know when you decide to sell it in a few years.

  4. 1--over the last 24 hours, put on 219 miles (all urban driving)....current reading is 7632 miles.

    2--you won't have to wait that long....lol
  5. Tom -

    I'd venture a guess that your blinking hazard lights are an alarm system gone nuts. Ask A.J. if the siren was perhaps disabled, and maybe you didn't properly "disarm" the system.

    Just a guess... my little 348 does the same thing sometimes.

  6. Daniel....

    You might be onto something here....I noticed when I lock the car with my remote, it "doesn't" make the "beep.beep" noise.....I wonder how do I find out if the siren and/or alarm system is disabled?

    btw, yes...Kansas will never be the same again...lol.

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  8. That's exactly what my car does. Since my old crappy alarm must not have a fuel-switch, it's not too dramatic when it goes on.

    Leave one of the doors slightly open (latched, but not enough to be flush with the body work). Start pressing buttons on the key fob, and see if you can get the flashers to activate. I'll bet you can.

    My alarm has a remote from DEI. When the alarm starts to go (blinkers), I need to press the "II" button, then the "I" button to properly disarm and rearm the system. All other times, I just use the "I" button for lock & unlock.

    To test the siren, you can do 1 of these things: (a) lock the car with the keyfob, and bounce up and down on the body work to trigger the shock sensor (being careful not to dent or scratch anything!!), or (b) bring the car to my neighborhood, and leave it outside overnight.

    Who knows... just an idea.

  9. 1 - That's oil pressure, not oil temp. Oil pressure when the engine is warm should not exceed 8 under any circumstances. In the first 10 minutes of driving, it might hit 8.5/9 at best, but you should still not be driving like a pimp that early until the engine warms up. You can't harm a Lambo when the engine is properly warm.

    3 - Your thesis on a short circuit, or likely loose wire, bad connection, loose ground, bad button, is probably correct.

    4 - If you drive it once a week, don't even bother disconnecting the battery. Only if you go past 2 weeks is it even worth the time to bother with it.

    5 - That's a loaded question! :) For me, it depends on what I'm doing. If I'm driving 'normally' and just 'getting somewhere', I'll usually shift in the 3500-4500rpm range. If I'm showing off, having fun, or just getting in my speed stress relief, then I'll go up to the max of 7500-7700.

    To further answer question #5, I've found I'm comfortable in 3rd gear till about 65mph while cruising, and 4th gear while cruising at 65-80mph. Anything above 80mph I'm usually in 5th gear except a downshift to lay on the gas pedal. :)

  10. daniel, how did you solve the light blinking dilema?


    for the time being, i wonder if i should disable the hazz light from the fuse box until i find someone who can look into it. what do you think? is there any calamity in doing this?

    oh...thanks for your help.
  11. Dont cut off the battery unless yes you leave for more than two weeks, once you pull the plug out it takes about 30miles before the systems be acquainted once again. I had a charger installed direct to the connections with plug in. Its really handy and theres no need to turn off the connection, also when you want to go driving the plug for the charger tucks away nicely in the vent in front of the wheel.
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  13. great idea, lambo_vt
    thanks for sharing.

  14. just got the car back from its 1st check up. she is nothing short of "PERFECT"....in every inch of her body from top to bottom. clutch and brakes are practically new and everything is original...original paint, body....

    for prosperity, i installed a brand new yellow top battery.

    the hazard light blinking was a function of a bad remote battery.....new battery is installed so she is all good.

    thanks to all the advice and help.


  15. oh well, I was close...

  16. lol.....

    au contraire.....mr. daniel, you were right on.
    it was related to the alarm system....
    you, my friend is a scientist. thanks for your input.


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