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Quick Poll: Black Wing or Gold?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Jun 30, 2004.


Which one?

  1. Black Wing/Gold mirrors

  2. Black Wing/Black mirrors

  3. Gold wing as is

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. You guys have helped me before. I have my thoughts, but would like to hear from "THE BOARD".
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  3. Black is it dude !

    I have already let my paint guy know that when the SV comes in, the wing goes black.

    IMO it suits most Diablos better. The look is 2nd to none.
  5. What about gold wing with the black light-surrounds? I can't quite wrap my head around that.

    Either way, i think the black light surrounds are a must!
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  7. Once you have black, you'll never go back!
  8. If you're going black wheels, then black wing too. I'd have all the accents match.
  9. What about CF? Get the wing and the light fixtures in CF...
  10. If you're going to go gold, you may as well go all the way. No half way here.
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  12. The problem with that is that the carbon fibre that is underneath the Gold paint is not Show carbon. It has a different weave than the rest of the exposed carbon on the car. Otherwise, I would do that.
  13. I heard that before!!
  14. AJ, I like the wing and mirrors if the wheels are black but I really liked the stock 6.0 wheels IMHO.
  15. No, no... I was talking to Schackman there. You need black black to match the wheels, etc. Sorry to confuse. I think Valence sells the light surrounds and wings in clearcoated CF - you'd have to buy the bits over again (but able to keep the stock ones handy).
  16. The wheels are already black. No changing that.
  17. I aint got no scoolin', i dont unnerstan allatta stuff.
  18. I believe the weave on the 01' SE cars had a magnessium thread laid into it for a shinnier / gloss finish.
  19. Where can I get the Carbon wing and the besels for the 99'SV......and how much ?

    PM me if you would be so kind.
  20. no, mister 6.0se --- i expect you to paint!

  21. Take that ugly wing off!!!!

    Just kiddin.......... I vote gold........ but then I like gold, gold is good. Bring me more gold!
  22. While the wheel color really "set your car off", I think the wing painted black looks like an after-thought/ or add-on.

    Keep it gold imho....

    P.S. She needs an SV intake.....in Carbon
  23. You are correct sir!! Titanium to be exact.
  24. Do you mean the SV engine cover? Twin snorkels? If you are talkin' that, it is in the works.
  25. Said it before, will say it again ... BLACK BLACK BLACK BLACK!! If it were my car, I'd would've dumped the wing and fitted some aftermarket zero-lip rims for that smooth look ... but since you went the bad-ass way, it has to be black mirrors and wing, and I'd suggest GTR like rear fascia (black grill).

    They don't do much a'lernin there in Lanner do they ;)!
  27. Black Wing/Black mirrors and black tail light surrounds! AJ, is there a way to get the gold paint off without destroying the carbon fibre weave?

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