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Question to all Tall L-car Owners

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by EnzymaticRacer, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. Hey guys,

    I just got to sit in a Murcie this afternoon over at Sport Auto. They are really great guys over there to allow me to take a seat in one of their Murcies.

    Anyways, I'm a little over 6'2" tall and have size 12 shoes. I was wondering if anyone about the same height or taller felt the same way in it as I did... cramped. I had the problem of the top of my head hitting the roof, and the pedals seemed incredibly close together.

    I have always like L-cars, but are all of them this bad for big guys like me? Is there anything you have been able to do anything to the car to make it a little better? Is a diablo any better in terms of headroom and pedal positioning?

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  3. Hey Robert,

    I am 6 ft 4 (and like my food!) and have sat in a couple of Murcie's and felt comfortable (not driven one yet).

    I have driven a Gallardo a number of times and while I think the manual would be a problem long term, the e-Gear would be fine. I drove one with a helmet on once which proved to be uncomfortable.

    I'd be interested to see what other owners say - I think there is a guy on here who is 6' 8" and drive a Lamborghini.

    All the best
  4. I'm around 6'5" and I have driven most Lamborghini models. The Gallardo seemed to have the most headroom but I could drive the Murcielago comfortably as well after manipulating the seat for a while. I don't believe that I could wear a helmet in the Murcielago, the Gallado would be close with one. The Countach and the Diablo are much tighter and I could not drive them comfortably. Jalpa was impossible with the roof on. As far as the pedals, I had to go barefoot or wear very thin driving shoes. I spoke to someone at Prestige Imports in Miami and was told that they had a company who could relocate some of the sound and computer equipment behind and below the seats and achieve approximately 6 more inches of "room" (presumably divided between head and leg) which I would probably look into if you are seriously in the market. Once you start driving the car, however, you notice that you fit a lot better and forget about your head touching the roof. Realize that when you sit in a car in a showroom your only analysis of the car is the comfort of the driving position. Rarely do I drive sitting completely straight up. I suppose it all goes with the territory, and each uncomfortable mile was well worth it.
  5. I'm 6'3, 185 lbs and drove the whole line up of Lambo on the track and the road. Even with helmet on, I had no trouble at all !! The best was of course the Murcie roadster, no trouble there...The smaller one was the Gallardo, my legs were tied in it but I had head room so did the owner who was taller.
  6. I'm 6'1", about 240 lbs. (all one big muscle) and have no problem with the 6.0 Diablo. In fact, i find the seating position superb, and have sufficient room for my feet (a big American size 12= 12.5 sometimes), but i wear driving shoes. The dead pedal still leaves a bit to be desired. I was really impressed with the seats in the new M. roadster. I don't have seat time in the earlier Diablos, and found an early Countach to be virtually impossible.
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  8. This is what I was worried about with Diablos, since my trial sitting in a Countach was quite comical as it was physically impossible to get my legs to the pedals in a driving position.
  9. I've responded to this type of question many times :)

    I'm 6'6", I own a diablo and drive it with no problem. The pedals are close but you get used to it. It's not that big a deal. I also have no problem with a Murcielago.

    Diablo seats recline as a whole. The seat and back move as one piece. Set the seat bottom so that it is flat and the back is straight up and down by turning the knob in front of the seat.

    Then move the steering wheel up and pull it out away from the dash to make room for your knees. The wheel is tilt and telescoping so play with it to find a comfortable position.

    There are mods you can do to move the pedals deeper into the foot well and to push the seat back a bit further and I was all set to do them. Then when I went to test drive my car before purchasing it and I was able to spend all the time needed to adjust the seat and wheel and found I didn't need to do the mods. Which to me is good because I like to keep my car as stock as possible.
  10. I'm 6'3 225 lbs, I own and drive my Murcie daily with no complains ecxept one.
    I could use few more inches in leg room as my knee need to be stretched now and then but that due to past injury. (damn bikes..)
  11. Allright,

    thanks for all the replys guys. I'm not actually the one thinking about getting the L-car. My dad has been thinking about getting a Gallardo for a little while (we have 2 360 spiders, which obviously can't really be taken on the track, and one of them is getting sold soon). I think he was looking at the Gallardo as a possible replacement. Maybe I just didn't spend enough time in it...

    Does Lamborghini offer anything like a sport seat option where you sit lower in the car that may help?

    In any case, I'll let him know what everyone has said.

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  13. Lower than that ? it will be under the car then..
  14. 01 Diablo here, 6'1" 205lbs and have no problems with the fit and height. My Diablo was owned by Ron Harper (Chicago Bulls) and he had the drivers seat lowered.

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