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Question re: Diablo GT and GTR

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Doody, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. as best i can tell, the GTR was made only for racing. is that so of the GT? if that's not the case, were they imported into the US?

    did folks race either or both of these diablo variants? did they do well? i just don't remember hearing about it, but i'm curious as to how they fared.


    ps: i also see mention of Diablo "GT1" and "GT2" cars. ditto as per above.
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  3. Diablo Gt1 and Gt2 were used by privateer Japaneese individuals. I know the Gt1 came in 3rd in a 1000km race, the Suzuka 1000.

    The Gt is not street legal in the U.S., it is meant as a road car.
  4. Is that a typo, Allan??

    Anyway the GT is street legal and the GT-R is not. Yes the Japanese NOMAD team is racing the GT1. I heard only two were ever made by a French engineering firm. The GT1 is quite different from a normal Diablo with pushrod rear suspension and all. However in the Japan GT Championship the GT1 isn't that competitive. Could be parity issues.

    Btw, the GT-R finished well in the Bathurst 24hr race down-under. They managed to finish 8th even with 6 punctures and one major blowout which took out a brake line. Other than that they said the car ran like a swiss watch.
  5. "Anyway the GT is street legal and the GT-R is not"

    I am with Allan, the Diablo GT was not street legal in the US.
  6. THE GT IS NOT STREET LEGAL IN THE U.S. If it were, id have one.

    From what i read about the Japaneese entries, they have had lots of problems, including the main person, who supported the team dying.
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