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Question for Gallardo Owners and those that have driven

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Alxlee, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. Curious about the E gear vs manual. I see the car that Dan (kizdan) drove was a manual while others have driven the E gear. I'm sure it's been debated before here, but I'm curious, especially with Wayne as an owner that is nearing 1000 miles on his car now, feedback on the E gear? (Other owners and drivers step up too!) Why did you choose E gear vs manual? Does the car perform better (in your opinion) with the E gear than manuals with your driving. Of course, Lambo E Gear vs Ferrari F1 from an owner/driver perspective and not magazine reader comparisons please! Oh yes, one last thing, any issues with your Gallardo yet (however minor)?

    Alex...the curious
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  3. No issues with car other than I don't like parking in tight situations with the E-Gear. it sometimes scares me and I'M FEARLESS! Think a computer software upgrade needed?

    Went in to drive both prejudiced against E-Gear. Drove 6 speed first
    routine smooth operation. Drove E-Gear.. it is much more interactive if you like to play (as I do) Had soooo much fun going up blurping down . I went
    with E-Gear. did the FDC run through the twisties E-gear the thing to have there ..concentration all on driving shifting not a factor!!
  4. Wayne, how does the e-gear compares to the 360 F1? have you driven both?
  5. Can't compare I've only driven a 6 speed.
  6. My brother's Gallardo (the one that Kizdan drove) is indeed a 6sp and is a blast. I haven't yet seen a Gallardo with the Egear, let alone driven one, so I can't give you a comparison. My 360 is an F1 and I love it, but I also loved the feel of my bro's 6sp. The clutch was soft & smooth and the car is oh so responsive. I'm a big fan of both transmissions.
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  8. In all honesty, I would have an awfully hard time choosing between the 2 transmissions for my own car. Some days I like the paddles, other days I prefer the 6-speed. I guess if it came down to it, I would go with a 6-speed. I wouldn't be driving this type of car in bumper-to-bumper traffic, so I would go with the fun that a 6-speed brings. There is no wrong choice, mind you, they're both wonderful trannies.

    Applying this to the Gallardo, they have improved the clutch/shifter actuation immensely over anything Lamborghini has come out with prior (I can't include the Murcielago since I've never driven one). It is now a pleasure to change gears manually, whereas before, like in a Diablo, gearchanging required too much thought and attention. It was more involving than a transmission should be. If you were able to get e-gear in a Diablo or Countach, I wouldn't think twice about getting it. The Gallardo's 6-speed now brings fun into the equation. JeffB's brother Lou told me that he did test drive the e-gear, and came away with a preference for the 6-speed.
  9. I disagree on the Diablo gearbox comment. If you learn to work the gearbox correctly, very quick shifts are possible. Its much better than the box on my 355.
  10. I picked a 6 speed because (1) the E-gear benefits (if any) are not worth the $1oK premium to me; (2) I like the more invovlved process of shifting gears and think the 6 speed shift in this car is magnificent; and (3) I like to think I can shift better than the computer in many circumstances, especially parking, tight manouvers and daily driving when I want to baby the clutch and minimize clutch wear. There is no reason the clutch should not last 50K miles - in fact I have never worn out a clutch in anything but a race car and I just don't trust the E-gear to minimize clutch wear.

    But then again I have about 20 miles in my car.
  11. For resale purposes the E-Gear is the ticket, it'll be easier to sell and you'll get more $ for it. Contrary to this board, I've found that the E-Gear is more popular.
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  13. Yes I don't like it in parking situations as well as 6 spd..all the more reason to keep it moving! No issues with the car yet and hopefully won't be any.
    It feels very solid and reliable.... the serious abuse will begin this weekend.
    Only 900 miles on the car so far but I'd buy the E-Gear if I had it to do again.
    What's another 10k after taking the initial plunge? Chump change.
  14. Having driven my neighbour's manual car, its very easy to drive!...however his car is 2 months old and has already had a new gearbox under warranty after only 265kms! now has 2500km & absolutely no problems (except visable bolts at back of gearbox have rusted).
  15. Driving the e-gear last night through the beautiful Adelaide Hills showed its worth to me. You can siimply change gear more often with less effort than you could with a manual through the tight stuff. Nevertheless, where you live and how you drive will always be different from the next guy, so there can be no single "right" choice. I love my e-gear, but I'm sure I could be just as happy with a manual.

    No issue with the car - it feels as solid as a rock. Only problem is the car can take over your life a little, but I guess that feeling won't last forever - unfortunately!
  16. TOO MUCH FUN isn't it?
  17. Hi everyone, I can't comment one the e gear vs. 6 speed, but I can on the differences between the Lambo and 360 Stradale. I find that the Stradale shifts smoother and with less of a jolt. The Stradale is quicker shifting in "sports" mode. The Stradale is much better at low speeds and reverse. Both are excellent transmissions when you operate them correctly. I also agree the Lambo needs a "software" upgrade as the transmission shifts very poorly when the car is first started, and driven without a long warm up.
  18. Allans, how can the Stradale be "much better" in reverse? With my e-gear, I press the reverse button, and the car is in reverse immediately. I then press on accelerator and car move backwards immediately. What could be easier?

    By the way, tight parking is a cinch in my car - perhaps I have the upgrade already. To alternate between first and reverse just requires pulling the paddle, then pressing the R button - no need to select neutral in between as others have said. Couldn't be easier.
  19. What are the last 3 digits of your serial number?
  20. mhh, The car needs substantial warm up to start moving in reverse or it may "lurch". This also applies to starting off in first with a cold engine. The "cold engine" mapping needs revision, which I'm told is in the works. Allans. PS: last five digits are 00273.
  21. Allans, mine works just fine from cold - although it is summer here and never gets to freezing even in winter!

  22. BB, I'm at work - I'll check tonight and let you know.


  23. If the serial number is the one at the base of the windscreen, my last three digits are 893.
  24. Thanks mine is 679.
  25. ....had to join the conversation. Have had my Gallardo for two weeks now. Serial number 1127, silver with two tone light grey/dark grey leather, red stitching. It is one of the first cars with the new glass engine cover. Silver calipers. Fantastic car, love the e-gear.....much better than the F1 on my 360. The 360 is a great car, but the Lambo has taken the whole game one step further ahead. It IS the better car. The performance and handling are the best in it's class....and a couple of local 360 owners who are friends would attest to that fact.... One of whom has just put down a deposit to get his Gallardo. I find it amusing how incapable many Ferrari owners are in acknowledging that the Gallardo has more to offer than the competing Ferrari product. I have owned Ferraris for almost 20 years now, including an F40. At the moment, Lamborghini has stolen their thunder, and is now making more desirable cars. The Murci and Gallardo are the two most 'exciting' cars on the market at the moment, and Ferrari needs to start making 'exotics' again. I love my 360, but I don't get quite the same rush I do when driving the Gallardo. There is no substitute for an extra 100 hp and four wheel drive...!! If Ferrari produce a car that meets or beats what the Gallardo offers...then I will be sure to be a buyer. Until then, most Ferrari owners don't know what they are missing....
  26. CasinoSquare, you have to show us a pic of your glass engine cover - in fact, lots of pics - please!

  27. they are.
  28. For most who have read my posts, I dearly love the 6 speed. However I drove 3 weeks ago a Yellow Gallardo (Fox Valley, Chicago) E-gear and really liked it (40 minutes). Then, I HAD to drive a 6 speed Murcielago back to the dealership while following my salesman to Fox Valley. All I can say is WOW! I'm still addicted to the six speed but having an open mine and reflecting on the way home, Lamborghini has two world class cars here!! I still love the six speed.

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