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Question about the interior of latest gen of Lambo's

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Auraraptor, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. When did the new cars get a colored emblem in the center of their steering wheels? 05?
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  3. More blasphemy ?
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  5. Yuck.

    I wish they had the old style emblems. Those looked good. Now it is all outsourced cheap looking junk. Check out the emblem on the old 350 GT. Ohh ahh.
  6. On the gallardo, that is a 2005 feature..previously it was just black.
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  8. The interiors are getting cheaper and cheaper every day. Look at the early 60's car with their individual gauges. - REAL GAUGES. OHHH AHHHH !!!! The Murcielago gauges and interior ? A few pubs and rags have tossed the Accord name around in comparing the panel !

    I still find it hard to believe that no manufacturer offers real gauges as an extra cost option ??? Bizarre in my opinion. Think of all the rediculous options the manufacturers offer. They seem to be somewhat like Hollywood. - They are running out of ideas. Some of the stupid options they currently offer. Let's see. Colored seat belts, colored brake calipers, carbon fibre knobs and switches (like saving ounces and dumping 100's is going to give you any kind of performance enhancement), and lighted model designation plate in the foot well (or similiar option) etc.....

    Why someone spending a fortune on a real supercar, would not pay more for real gauges is beyond me ? What do they basically give you when you buy the car ? A flat board with some needles. Have you seen the pics of the gauges from the 1930's ? Mother of pearl and brass ? It makes more sense than paying $750.00 for a different colored seat belt.
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  10. No you do not. Everyone (even Lambo haters !!) gives the 6.0 interior hi marks.
  11. Stupid Question but one I must ask:
    What constitutes 'real' guages?
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    Something that is trimmed in real metal with individual sections. Not a flat panel with plastic around the edge of the gauge. Perhaps someone else can describe in more detail what I am talking about ? I understand that some folks could care less what I am whining about. Remember I suggested to offer this as an OPTION. I would not recommend the car to automatically have an increase in price from 5K to 12K more for expensive gauges. Some people may feel it is completly worthless. Look at the detail and passion
    that someone at the factory felt was worth putting inside the first Lamborghini vehicle offered to the public. The 350 GT.
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  14. Maybe not but what's with that unsightly airbag sticker! Are you trying to keep it stock? :)
  15. David Holland's book, "Dashboards," is a wonderful book, for those of you who have not seen it. (And, 911Fan, not to worry, the stickers have since been removed).
  16. Loved the gauges on Jaguar E-Types!

    btw, the Spyker has beautiful classic gauges.
  17. I like chrono style gauges personally. When well done they look wonderful.
  18. i agree with ralf completely. i own a murci and i honestly think that the interior is bland. i love the interior of the diablo 6.0. but i think that is exactly what the murci is lacking... "real gauges"... plus some CF trim instead of the all leather.

    i had a lotus espritv8 before and it had real gauges and it's a third of the cost

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