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Put me out of my misery please...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by murph7355, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. OK. I keep seeing pictures of a lovely black Countach. And have always thought the Miura to be the 2nd most beautiful car of all time.

    Now, the real problem is that I'm a bit big. 6'4", 36" inseam (I speak American, despite being a limey) and about 220lbs. Perhaps 240lbs when it rains.

    Having seen these two cars up close, but never actually tried to get myself in the driver's seat, I've always assumed I have no chance to fit in them. Short of cutting off my lower legs.

    Can any owners please confirm this. And then I can stop myself looking at adverts!
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  3. Id say any more than a trip around the block you'd be miserable in it. Sorry.
  4. Don't be - you're confirming what I already knew :)

    Thanks for the response. Looks like Miuras (and GT40s) will always have to remain on the "if only" list of all time favourite cars.

    Looks like I'll have to save double hard for a 250GT SWB :)

    Thanks again
  5. Andy

    About the C/T - There is a detailed thread on L Power about this topic. It is in the Countach section. From what several posters have written, it can be done. In fact, one person who is 6'3," purchased a car from the owner who is 6'4." The new owner claims that the previous owner who was 6'4," now wants his car back !

    If you are also serious about the Miura, please let me know. A very tall 550 owner, just sat in my car a few days ago. I can ask him to contact you. I know he got in the car !!!!!!!!!

    You will have no problem with the Diablo.
  6. You will fit in a Countach.It will take some work but you can fit.The previous owner of my LP400 was 6'7 and he fit in the car.The LP 400 has less head room than the newer cars because of the periscope so don't let your height get in the way
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  8. Sure he can fit, but still very uncomfortable, and he just might dread getting in and out of it after the new wears off.
  9. Oh dear :)

    Wouldn't really want a Diablo. Too new - the 6.0 is nice, especially the one with the 300ZX headlamps, but still too new (discounted a Murci already).

    A Miura would be the nuts. But I suspect it's going to be way too tight to drive properly (and I would not want to have a compromised driving position in one of these).

    A Daytona is in the sights and *just* big enough...

    Happy to receive PMs from people who have squeezed in a Miura - photos would be handy. Removing seats etc may help, but not sure I want to get that drastic.
  10. I'm a little shorter and a little heavier than you, and I couldn't fit in the Countach in a driving position. For driver space, it made an Audi TT feel like a MB S600.

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