Put 1100 miles on the Gallardo since yesterday morning! | LamborghiniChat

Put 1100 miles on the Gallardo since yesterday morning!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Oct 4, 2004.

  1. Got up yesterday and drove to small town 1hour North of SF
    bought a coin collection drove back and am home now,
    The car was perfect of course but looks like a road warrior
    with 2 layers of bugs and grit!
    9100 miles on it now.
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  3. your using it like a honda...you da man....keep it going..great car ,btw.....
  4. Nice! Are you still doing that turbo conversion thing?
  5. I'm waiting to see if they can break into computer.
    Dosen't seem like it is their highest priority.
  6. Glad to see that you're still enjoying driving your car:D

    I have the itch but it is pointless for me to buy anything that I can't enjoy:(

    Out of curiousity what do you think a G-car with 10k miles is worth?

    My buddy ended up buying a yellow 6 spd for $185k out the door. The car is very comfortable and I think it would be easier on long trips that most people would think. Stock the car sounds great so I can only imagine how much better the Larini makes it sound:D
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  8. What I want to know is how long it took to drive 1100 miles! ;) :p
  9. don't know what a 10ooo mile Gallardo is worth?
    What price do you put on 10000 miles of fun?

    I don't consider price whem I'm driving. The price of ownership per mile
    might be interesting?
  10. I used to go through that sort of thought process each time i took a drive in my cars, but you end up literally owning a vehicle almost as a baby sitter for the next buyer.

    I told myself when i got this car i would put the miles on it and to hell with the residual values. Its all about experiences and the only way to truly experience one of these cars is to put miles on them.

    I'm up to 3,000 as of today and plan on using mine through the winter, hopefully with a couple more late in the year track days. In May we've got the Gumball (3000 mile event) so by this time next year I'm hoping shes got 10k on her. If not I've been working to hard ;-)

    Total respect to you G-Force!!
  11. James: You are right on the money with that assesment. Drive it, enjoy it, don't save it for the next guy! If someone is doing that then either they over extended themselves on the car or, in the case of an investor/collector, they want to preserve the car which is okay if that was thier intent from the beginning.
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  13. Nice to see the reliability of the car proving itself.....soon to be 10K of what I am assuming are reasonably hard miles with no issues.

    You didn't say it was uncomfortable either.........another good sign that something is right in that car.
  14. we're catching you Noah put 6500 miles on the car in 5 weeks
  15. To kds' point G-force, I would be interested in knowing of any mechanical or other issues that have come up in the 10K miles of driving. Have heard the Baby G is supposed to have almost Audi-like reliability, but it would be nice to have that substantiated.

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