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Purpose of a Lambo?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by stephens, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. The reason I ask this question is that I was just offered a delivery miles Murci, black on black e-gear, as a trade for my S600 and 550, with 100K cash back. (In Aust, The S600 is 400K on road, a 2002 550 is around 300K and the Murci is 660K on road.)
    The car was drop dead gorgeous and parked in front of a Bentley Continental when I looked at it. I was struck by the fact that the car was longer and wider than the Bentley, despite being only 2/3 of the height. This is not suited for the sort of roads that a bike is a real joy for. As a daily driver it sucks, but is a great way to attract attention, if thats what floats your boat.
    Much as I loved the look of the car, I just couldn't see myself being able to really use it and I buy cars to drive, not to stare at or be seen in.
    The 550 is a great daily driver, which although fairly porky, can still be comfortably pressed on a narrow twisty roads, where the Murci would need both lanes, just because of the width of the car.
    ....So that lead me to think what is the purpose of this car, outside of Europe?
    My friend who is a wholesaler couldn't believe that I didn't jump at the offer and drive the car home. (I have a reputation for being impulsive with car purchases)
    I haven't said no to the deal, but the simple fact that I've been thinking about it for the last couple of days makes me think it's not for me.
    I suppose I am posting in the hope of a persuasive argument to change my mind. I get a hard on looking at the car, but my head just says, what's the point?
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  3. I am in the middle of reading the Catalog Raisonne for Lambo right now, and what becomes clear- historically, at least- is that F.L. gave no thought to racing in any form- his objective, from the 350 GTV, forward to the Countach- (remember, he left before it went into production) was a fast, lux, two-seater GT. The cars, starting with the Muira, have been eye-catching, to boot, but it was extreme road performance- high speed mostly- that he was interested in; thus, comfort was almost a secondary factor, suprisingly, for a GT car, ergonomics somewhat questionable, too.
    Apart from the obvious, the Murcie follows this tradition, too, despite the fact that it has some of the trappings of German engineering, and non-Italian design. It is somewhat singular in its purpose- high speed, powerful, continent crusher with little real concern for practicality. That's part of its specialness.
  4. LOL, so the answer is to increase the frequency, which will increase my desire for the car. Sounds good, buthow would that leave any time for driving?
  5. why would you trade two great cars for the Murcie? I agree with your logic. You can use the S600 and 550 every single day and get great enjoyment out of both. You cant do that with the Murcie. You would only use it 2-3 times per week, due to its impracticalities. It is however a great looking and super performing beast.

    If you could keep the 550 or the S600 (if you need more seats) AND get the Murci - then there's a good option. Otherwise, stay with what you have. IMHO
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  7. i see you live in australia, so i dont know how much cars down there cost, but why not with that 100k cash back, you go and buy a honda or toyota. either one would give you a good car to use as a daily driver. for the murcie, i say go for it, it sounds nice.
  8. What is the purpose of a Beethoven Symphony or Michelangelo's David ?

    Its art, culture, an expression of the human spirit. Its the Zenith of its type.

    I buy cars because I like them, I dont really care if women like them
  9. Someone quickly get AJ here to fill this guy with reason and sensibility! :D
  10. Guys, my logic in buying the car is I can buy a 2000-2002 M5 or E55 with the cash, we (she who must be obeyed) has an '04 M3, we already have a Honda etc, so daily drivers is not a problem.
    I'm not being facetious, this is just the first time I've looked at a car that I have lusted over and said "why?" to myself.
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  12. If I may, I believe the purpose of a Lambo is to bring driving enjoyment.
    Life is to short to drive a Toyota.
  13. \Very well stated:)
  14. Harley owners have a saying "If I have to explain it to you, you wouldn't understand". Same goes for Lambo (and many other exotics). :)
  15. heres a reason: its very rare, typically ferraris are more common than lambos, so you will have a very exclusive car that could blow the doors off the 550. not that im saying a 550 is bad, im saying that the lambo is rarer and has a much more exotic look to it.
  16. If you have daily drivers it sounds like a no brainer. Unless you're really attached to your Merc or Ferrari, I don't see why not.
  17. Stephens, you might be asking why, but you are still thinking about the Murci whether you like it or not! - or you wouldn't be posting your thoughts. Let's face it, you have got the new car bug again. It is an illness, and it can only be cured by signing the order. I see a Murci in your future! :)

    Despite all this, I think you are right - a Lambo, particularly a Murci is a pretty impractical thing. That won't stop you wanting it however! I haven't driven a Murciealago but I would find it hard to use on the roads here. Truthfully, a Porsche is a better size for tight winding roads, a Gallardo is a little too wide, and a Murci would be a handfull. But what the hell. No-one here will think less of you for pulling the trigger if that's what you do.

    Merry Xmas

  18. Stephens,

    What a fabulous decision to be faced with.

    If that Black 550 on your avatar is your car, then for my money, I would stay where you are - thats my dream car, dream colours and the finest car I have ever had the pleasure of drving. Awesome. And the S class will take some beating too!

    However, back to the problem in hand. If you have had the 550 and S600 for some time and you think it makes financial sense to get out of them now, then do it - you've done them "been there and got the t-shirt".

    The 550/S600 is a wonderful combo but I cant think of a finer combination to replace them with than a Murcie and an M5/E55 (you're going a bit more hard-core on both fronts). If the roads are not so good, will you be able to track the cars? Will you still get significant 'fun time' in the cars?

    Surely the overriding factor with a decision of Murcie v 550 (the other cars are, relatively, just background noise) is which one gives you the better rush/buzz? Which one makes the heart go faster?

    Good luck. :D
  19. It's not as simple as that, yes the 550 in the avatar is my car, but the 600 kicks both the M5 and E55's butts, it's been chipped and puts out 600+hp, the ultimate Q car! I have only had the cars for around 6 months and just had the suspension on the 550 upgraded, so I love them both.
    Thanks for the feedback all, you have helped me realize that my gut reaction was right and I will give the Murcie a miss. I buy cars to drive not to admire or be seen in, I'm not into the cafe thing and enjoy regularly exploring the limits of a cars perfromance. Not something that I can do in a Murcie, hard enough in the 550. Time to expand the business into Europe so I can get a car like the Murcie and not feel stupid about it.
  20. You might even consider some cheap thrills in the form of a toyota MR2, mazda MX-5 or other compact sporty car for those twisty narrow roads. You wouldn't think twice about throwing them around (compared to the ferrari and others), although unfortunately the engine note and suspension dynamics are not quite exotic quality.
  21. a pox on the japanese roadsters! (well, i do like them, there's just better alternatives :) )

    engine note and suspension dynamics can still be impressive. hint: another f-car. :D
  22. I have a Gallardo and my fiance has a Murcielago. If you have to ask yourself what is the purpose?...I really have nothing to say to you :) Driving a Lambo is always about being seen, whether or not you care about the attention that is a whole different story. (my windows are limo tinted all the way around including the windshield) Besides being seen however, it is thrilling EVERY time I get in my car and drive. If you want a lime green one, ours will be for sale in the spring when our roadster arrives. :) The Murci is a great car and if you have other daily drivers then just buy it. Good luck.
  23. I do not understand. Does the dealer want your S600 and 550 for a client? They are paying you $100K also? Sorry for the confusion?
  24. Hmm...

    Well, I guess Lamborghini shouldn't have wasted all that time making their cars perform incredibly if that was what they intended.
  25. The wholesaler bought a Murcie, wants my S600 for himself, 550 for stock. The two cars together are worth about 100k more than the Murcie.
  26. Lambo is about status, performance and beauty.
  27. An excellent expression. There is no way on earth you can justify a lambo or pretty much any car that has a price in the same ball park. Basically it either floats your boat or it doesnt.

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