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Purple Diablo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by VROOM!!!, Oct 26, 2004.

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  2. WTF??? is with that picture on the side??? actually a couple of years ago in San antonio there was a blue 355 spider w/ some seaside painting on it, must be by the same person
  3. Other than destined for hell??

  4. And a Viper-- some artist by the name of Lesson (sp?)- I remember that the Viper owner tried to sell it for 150k because of the painting on the hood on ebay..
  5. i believe this Diablo spent some time in a Mexican prison...
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  7. It's craving a velvet dash... with a shrine....
  8. If ever, I saw some(thing)one hugging a tree.... this (poor sap of a Diablo)would most certainly be the one.
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  10. Well the thing is I am allmost positive i saw today on Oxnord (here in LA). It was sitting in the rain and it had all these cars i wasnt paying attention to next to it. My mom was driving while i saw it so i couldnt stop by and make sure it was the one, but cmon now... how many purple Diablos have friggin dolphins painted on them?
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  12. That house in that pic looks like it may be in Phoenix/Scottsdale
  13. That car was in Phoenix. Lassen is a good artist. I just never understood why he started painting cars and ruining them. He also painted a black Diablo with a tiger's head on the hood, and cheetah leaping on the side. He also did a 348 spider, I believe.
  14. Can he paint my Corolla ?

    It definately looks like PHX.
  15. I saw the 348 in an art gallery in the Forum shops in Las Vegas in April of this year. I don't remember what the painting was on it, but it was animals of some type. He is definitely a good artist, but I think he should stick to canvas not cars IMHO.
  16. I saw that car for sale on ebay like a year ago, i guess no one wants to buy it.(maybe because its ugly) those graphics are just bad and thats a waste.
  17. WB Alan? :)
  18. The car might still be in Scottsdale... I'll look around. I saw it last year at Scottsdale Lotus and took some pics...
  19. sorry am new to this. What are you trying to say?

  20. I saw it there last summer as well. I almost lost my lunch!

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