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Purchasing Murcie, need help!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Jakillo, Jul 8, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone,
    I have the oppurtunity to purchase a murcielago from someone I know for 160k. I understand that is a really good deal but I don't exactly have the money to hold onto it for a long time. My plan would be to buy it and drive it for the summer and then resell it sometime in september or hold it for winter and sell it for the spring. Can you guys tell me honestly what I can expect for a trade in value on such a car, I'm 16 but my dad says that it can likely be a deal if we can find more than 2 people to buy it for 190k.

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  3. oh yeah, its an '02 with 200 miles on it, fly yellow
  4. Sounds like the car that was crashed and is advertised in Dupont Registry claiming that the wife had a dispute with the husband and now she is selling the car on him.
  5. So whats the matter with that lol? Is it crashed?
  6. If your trying to make a buck DON’T bother! After you register the car, pay your taxes … blah blah blah…your better off buying a Honda and slapping some rice on it then turn it on some street racer for a couple grand more!

    AH HELL Just open a snow cone stand! You’ll make more bank than buying a Lambo for re-sale.

    My .02
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  8. murcies don't go for that kind of money. there's a "story" and you aren't being told it.

  9. The 'daddy is right. If you are 16 and intend on driving it, do you have any idea what the insurance would be on that kind of car?!!! There is room for money to be made (provided it's not that one EVERYONE already knows about and it is a clean car), but why not just sell it right now. You start making money like that and you'll be driving your own in no time! Well, maybe.
  10. It sounds like you might have a good deal. You are going to have to research the numbers. Even if you could sell it for $15k more then you purchased it for I think that's better then most could do on cars they purchased. I'm just not sure how your going to get insurance on this. Also, finding someone now to purchase it won't tell you what the market will be when you want to sell it. Don't scratch it............
  11. Yep, it was crashed big time. You can find pictures on the net if you search. The front end had heavy damage. The owner was driving it home from the dealer, decided to "get on it" and he kissed a concrete highway divider head on. If this is the car, don't bother. You certainly won't be able to accomplish what you are hoping to. Realistically, if you could buy it for $110-120K, you might be able to drive it for a while then sell it for a small profit, but you will need to find someone willing to drive a car that has been substantially rebuilt & repaired.
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  13. I talked with the owner of that car. The repair work was done by her husband, who isn't a Lamborghini tech, and they sold the car to a guy in California. They are in Louisiana.

    The guy in California was so pissed when he saw it and drove it that he stopped payment on the car for misrepresentation and the car now sits in California.

    I wouldn't touch it for $100k -- It'd be $100k you won't get back.

  14. Are you all sure this is the same car? Jakillo, how well do you know this guy?
  15. No its someone online, so its all a guess but I think its the same guy everyone is talking about the one on dupont registry. I called the guy a couple times. He didnt tell me anything about the condition of the car. Im going to try to get a vin number on it
  16. I would bet it's the same car. Be very careful.
  17. Its Salvaged. There are no deals online.
    Get the Vin# so we can check it out
  18. This thread is a joke.

    " I'm 16 but my dad says that it can likely be a deal if we can find more than 2 people to buy it for 190k."
  19. aj. p.i....you can smell a rat a mile away!!!!
  20. lol. Yes, but I dont drive a (what did Magnum PI drive?). I could go tearing around the streets in my NITROUS burning 6.0. It would be cool. I could have stickers all over the car advertising my PI business. People would yell out"hey ricer PI". lol. Im insane.
  21. Actually its not a joke. My family likes cars. I drive an M3 and my parents have other cool cars too. I just look at cars all day and buy and sell the ones my parents own if I can find good deals, hopefully like this one.
  22. :eek: I can't even imagine driving an M3 when I was 16, let alone a Murci.
  23. lol I dont plan on driving the murcie its for my dad.
  24. yea , you would be real inconspicous in your diablo!!!!you could come and go and no one wouldever notice!!!actually, i need someone to dig up some dirt on my estraged wife before she ruins any chance of me buying a lambo..are you up for it aj? do it for the dark side!!!
  25. Soooo, If this is the same Yello Murci that was at one time in Baton Rouge and ended up in California then it is indeed salvage (atleast according to what was given on ebay). It was on Ebay a few months ago listed form Baton Rouge and then after that same car was listed with the same pics from California. This guy also had a titanium Diablo roadster that was once owned by Dennis Rodman form what I read and the pics I saw and slightly damaged on the drivers side door, now who repaired the cars, I don't know for sure, could have been the owner. Who knows for sure but seeing these two cars around Baton Rouge was a rare opportunity and was my first sight of a murci, never forget that day. There is also a Maroon color Countach that is parked in the garage usually. Just my tidbit
  26. "My plan would be to buy it and drive it for the summer and then....."

    You don't plan to drive it or you don't plan to drive it if the yearly rotation around the sun determines with the tilt of the earths axis that is it not summer?

    Kinda confused. Said you are going to, now you say you aren't. Do you do this on tests with changing answers too?

  27. Magnum drove a Ferrari 308 GTSi, last i heard it sits in the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California.

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