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Pulled The Gallardo Trigger

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Feb 1, 2004.

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  3. holy sheet! why has no one else said congrats???? must be the football game???? anyway that is REALLY SWEET! i for one would like a few more pics, stunning car!!! way to go!
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  5. Very, very nice! Looking forward to more pics and some reviews once you've had the chance to drive it a little.
  6. Great Choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Im sure youre going to be the ONLY FERRARI BUYER getting one of these also! Lambo would never hurt fcar sales! LOL
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  8. Allan with all your ridicule of Ferrari and the favorable writeups.. I decided to drive it and try to be objective. I've owned 7 Ferraris now and a Countach 5000s (which I thought was a piece of crap!).

    I have a 360CS slot and on the waiting list for Spider. I will be
    re-thinking those deposits? I'm now on the Short list for the Gallardo Spider. I love Ferrari's, the look the sound,etc etc BUT BUT....
    I'm now in a Gallardo(well almost they are trailering it to me Tuesday )as the dealership is 95 miles from me and my wife didn't want to go with me today. She thought ...no way you are going to get one the 550 you
    bought is being delivered tommorrow! The dealership (as required by Ca law needed proof of insurance anyhow)That has been faxed to them.
    They were actually closed today but knew I work 6 days a week and
    came in so I could drive the cars.
    Hey I'm no kid ..I'm 59 owned too many wild cars to list but believe me guys this car deserves an objective look see!

  9. Maybe I'll be the only one? If the Ferrari owners are objective (as I tried to be) I don't think I'll be an isloated convertee???

    GERMAN engineering ,Italian style, a VERY workable combination IMHO.
  10. Great photos, congratulations. I have not driven the car, why did you prefer the e-gear?
  11. Why did I like Egear???

    Thinking about it...it just made me more interactive with the car. I was like a kid with a new gadget. upshifting/downshifting much more than really required!

    probably because it was a "new" concept to me. In addition, I
    can see the track advantage although I NEVER have the time to go to the track!) No more heel and toe just lightning quick shifts!

    The software at idle I think needs an upgrade or improvement.
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  13. What a fabulous color choice !!!
  15. Congratulations, which dealership you deal with?
  16. Symbolic motors La Jolla Calif. They had 3 others available.MSRP
    Nick Smith.. straightforward guy.
  17. Congradulations, looks great!I really think my next purchase will be a yellow or orange Gallardo.

    MUST HAVE!!!!!111


    sorry about that
  19. Nice! They bring Gallardos over to Crystal Cove on Saturdays. Nice guys.

    Great color choice!
  20. They will get the software right. They've reflashed the software in my Maser and it's much better.
    Very nice color and interior/piping.
  21. Hey Banana boat. You have everything on order. Do you have anything in your driveway?
  22. Beatiful car. You getting the E Gear brought up the question to me, how is compared to the Ferrari sequential gearbox.not just the Enzo or CS's but any of them. The Gallardo i can say is honestly the first Lambo I've ever been in love with. Until this car i really didnt like this "tractor company" but this car proves that with the Germans in here with them theres going to be more good things coming out of Italy then Spahgetti and Ferrari's.
  23. Good question I really don't know the answer as I have never driven one!
    Of course the salesman claims there is no comparison. the E-Gear is much better than the F1.but then he
    was selling the car. I'm sure someone else here has driven both and would be in a better position to answer your question. I only know,, that I instantly fell in love with it, and I went into the drive VERY 6 speed oriented and prejudiced against it!
  24. Hope you never come across a Challenge Stradale especially on a race track . It will break your heart and shatter your dreams as well as leave you looking at your Laudiborghini through troubled eyes.... All that hype to get driven circles around by a car with 75 bhp less but also 600 lbs less.

    Beginning to sound like one of those old Ford adverts for the Pinto "...more road-hugging weight..." remember?

    Enjoy anyway!
  25. A couple of things.. one a Mercedes 320 CLK with the license plates
    "360 CS".Not sure what I'm going to do with those plates now
    since I'm surely going to let someone else have my slot. The
    360 Spider I'm still 8th on the list last time I checked.
    I'll probably stay on that list as I might be up for a car when the 360 replacement arrives?
    I just keep telling myself that Ferrari MUSTanswer the competition
    with a major improvement? I'm sure we all hope so!!!
    I don't want sound like the Lambo guru Allanlambo, but this Gallardo really IS a superior performing car no question!

    Sorry Allan no offense intended. I'm still a Ferrari fan at heart but the
    fact remains I'll be driving this Gallardo and in some way your continuing
    nagging on Ferrari helped me at LEAST try one out!
    We know what happened then!
    So for that goading.......I thank you sir!!!!!!!!
  26. One fine day you realize that life is very short and the only thing that matters is not whether or not someone can beat you on a track because someone surely can no matter what you drive, and that making yourself and those you care about happy is all that matters.
    Anyone who owns any of these cars is very, very lucky.
  27. I used to be just an occasional weekend racer now I'm only off on Sundays so the racing will be minimal at best.

    I'll leave the track comparisons to the pro's and magazines.After
    seeing the CS dyno posted here and posts regarding actual weight I even doubt Ferraris claims it looks more like 100 Hp and 300 lbs differential?
    I would like to see some other CS dynos and a Gallardo Dyno.

    Hey you may not know it, but I knew about this car supposedly
    BEFORE my Ferrari dealer.I should have been first on his list not
    sixth but this is the "real" world. I should have already been driving a CS then I wouldn't have been test driving a Gallardo!
  28. Just take the long way to work. And drive real slow until someone tries to pass you, Then gun it. It may be like racing a bunch of quadropoligics ina swiming competition but you know your going to win everytime. And its still going to be fun.

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