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Promising Diable on eBay

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by tw1nturb0, Mar 16, 2004.

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  2. Is it just me or the pic lighting but the interior looks a bit rough. Like the combo though, piping looks great. Not a bad deal at all with buy-it-now. What does Allan Lambo think?
  3. those tires are dry rotted. =/ how horrible, it hasn't even been driven!
  4. sorry about the grammar in the title... d'Oh! i may have to resort to the two-finger typing method again.

  5. But it has 20 something K miles...hmm I am confused by your statement.

    Also, the car has been sold according to the link.
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  7. bidding must have just ended.... hmmm
  8. Funny thing you should mention this car. I was in Scottsdale, driving my SV, when we noticed this car being unloaded at the dealer. So we pulled in to see it. It was late night after hours. I spoke with the owner of the car for a little while, who said he had bought it for himself. It wasnt in fantastic shape, rear lights were melted, and it was running hot, looked like a water pump issue to me as the fans were working. I know he paid in the 70's for the car, either 72 or 76K. This was last August.
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  11. Lighten up Slag..that's the exact watch I'm wearing and it's just about the same wierd....
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    Dont worry Wayne. Ive been to dozens of Fcar owners meetings, and the majority of Fcar owners have Presidential Rolexs also. The other Fcar owners who do not, are 308/328 owners who cant justify spending as much on a watch, as they did for their Fcar.

    Heres mine!
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  13. hehe

    I have a diamond rolex also, but Allan is right - Not a presidential!
  14. What do you have?
  15. I bet you could guess! A datejust (Blue dial of course).

    If I had a presidential, I could sell it & upgrade to a 355. sigh :(
  16. Allan cold as usual! BTW I have the same Rolex with a blue face, diamond dial and diamond bezel AND a stainless Rolex.
  17. I have a Stainless GMT II and I like it far better than the President, looks more rugged.

    That said, give me a Patek Phillipe over a Rolex any day.
  18. That car has 26k kilometers not miles (about 16k miles) and looks like the upper water hose has been replaced.Probably due to what Allan said about it running hot.

  19. I have a datejust also, no diamond dial, gold face . Dont really wear it, dont like it much.

    I also have a stainless yachtmaster with a platinum bezel that i love, and wear all the time.

    I hate Patek.
  20. surprise, surprise
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    I look like dirt in gold. Here is mine - Be nice allan. :)
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  22. I have 2 submariners, stainless/black dial(date),and the 2 tone with blue face. Always wanted a presidential but it seems to be the norm for every person to own one...They're nice but not for me:)
  23. Funny how you could of made that comment to begin with knowing you owned this watch.
  24. hehe, do you see the irony?
  25. Why the hell would any of you touch that car?? What is it with you pansies and "high mileage". You're talking about a 13 year old car that has less than 30K miles on it ... are you all insane or just ignorant to the working aspects of a vehicle? Don't give me any "depreciation" bullsheet either because if you can't afford the depreciation, don't buy the car.

    I would NEVER IN MY LIFE consider getting into any vehicle, let that be a motorcycle, car, something with a diesel, whatever ... that did not do at least 10K miles a year every year for it's life, and if those 10K were put on during the summer and then the car sat from Oct - March, that car can also go scratch.

    No wonder you guys have so many problems with these things. A friggin Civic would fall apart too if it got driven once a month to the grocery store for 13 years.

    Maybe it's me, but I just don't get it. This is supposed to be an enthusiast board .... what's in gods name is enthusiastic about staring at your parked sports car??

    I put a little over 20K miles on my motorcycle last year and another 15K on my sports car .... get the hell out and drive. Take a day long trip, don't come home till you racked up a minimum of 600 miles, then go out and do the same thing next weekend. Take the wife with you. Drop the kid off at grandmas, she wants to see her grandchild anyway.

    If that Diablo had 150K miles on it or so and had something other than a interior made for a vampire, I'd take it at its current price.

    Bill in Brooklyn

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