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Production GT is strong, but not quite enough

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Jul 20, 2004.

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  2. you're mistaken. the gallardo and murcie were slower on their track than the GT. the only things faster around the track than this GT were the koenigseggegggggg and Carrera GT and Merc SLR.

    the GT3RS and 360CS both slot in above the murcie. don't know where the gallardo is on the list.

  3. actually, i was mistaken too - they moved the koenigsegg sticker around i think. this is what i get based on the 360CS-vs-GT3RS and Ford GT clips:

    120.9 - MercMcL SLR
    121.9 - Ford GT
    122.3 - 360CS
    122.3 - GT3RS
    123.7 - Murcie
    123.8 - Zonda
    123.9 - Koenigsegg
    125.0 - Noble (?)
    125.8 - Gallardo (?)

    those last two were a bit tough to read, so i might be wrong there. HARDLY shabby performances, but definitely not faster than the GT.


  4. Edit performed. I was hoping!! What are the 2 cars above it? The straightline performance is incredible as well. Find me one at MSRP!! lol
  5. Find me one also!
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  7. No joke ! Ive tried for MSRP for almost a year................try 50K - 100K over sticker.

    As great as it is................nothing is worth over sticker, especially a Ford !

    But @ MSRP Im a player too.
  8. The original MSRP in 66 was about 19K. One of those 1075 traded for over 10 million at one point and today is worth at least that.
  9. These cars have not made a run at Leman.

    The older ones have history. This car builds off of that.

    I had a pump on the Z06 before going into the 427 TT Stage.

    It produced 550 HP and only cost me $8,000 to the adddition of the car....$46K.

    $54,000 vs $250,000...............But it was still a vette vs the very elite Fords GT.

    Not knocking the car in any way ! I think its great !

    But for the sticker of $150, would think they could squeeze some Naturally Asperated Power from the V8.

    My point above with the that any car makes that power with a Pump. Its just a little disapointing considering what they are trying to market.

    Once again............great car, and has proven it in the tests.

  10. As the gearbox is duty rated to 750hp I don't think a bigger blower will be a problem or cost more than 10K all in.
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  12. In last months issue of Popular Mechanics Jay Leno was telling his story of how he got his Ford GT at close to MSRP. Its a real interesting read, if you havn't read it already, it might be up on their website.
  13. I wonder how much Jeremy is paying for his? Since there will only be 28 according to him in the U.K.
  14. clarkson was "selected" as part of the process ford uk did to decide who got one. so i assume he's paying UK MSRP since he's buying direct from ford.

  15. The track time for the Gallardo was on a WET track guys!
  16. That was a good video, that car is one bad mo-fo!
  17. True but the Ford GT in stock form is still faster and with 10K in mods it will it be even faster. This is a lot of car. With simple mods it will run with an Enzo and a CGT.
  18. I agree, without question, that is why among other reasons I WILL GET ONE!
  19. Don't you think with all the interest/hype on the Ford GT that the original GT-40 prices will shoot up?
  20. Just wish they'd used the SOHC 427 motor in it. Would have been a nice balance between old and new.
  21. I had one of those monsters put in a Cobra. As I recall they are very heavy.
    But it was the only 427 Cobta I ever gad that ran cool. It had an 18 qt Aviad oil pan.
  22. My MK-IV holds 24 quarts of 40W. As for the $ of originals, cars with history are moving up, up, up...

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