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Pretty much last question

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by RohitNand, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. Guys,

    I just had my second test drive of the Gallardo today. The first was about 4 months ago, so this was a refreshing opportunity. The difference this time, compared with the last was that traffic in the surrounding area was much lighter, which allowed me to open it up more. And what a rush! The throttle response is instant and you can sense a huge reserve of power. Not to mention the car felt solid! Which to me is a great thing to go against those who say that the 360 is a lighter car. I know that is a subjective issue, but when I do go fast (100Mph+) I would like all the stability/solidity I can get instead of having the car feel light and shakey (ala Porsche and in some arguments the 360).

    Also worth mentioning, this time I was standing on the sidewalk watching the Gallardo come towards me (driven by the dealer) and it looks absolutely menacing! In fact I would go so far as to say that it's starting to look better than the 360. Every angle of the car just says "aggresive".

    Anyhow, if things go well I will have a new Gallardo before this coming week is over. My only one caveat is this question, "how long do you think Audi will keep Lamborghini?" I'm only scared that without Audi's backing or should Audi sell off Lambo, then what will happen to Lambo's dealership network? At this point the dealership closest to me is a new one. And before them, there was no "official" Lambo dealership, which meant everything regarding service had to be done through independent garages. So if anyone has a crystal ball, "how secure is Lambo's future, not only as a marque, but also it's dealership networks?"
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  3. Go with what makes you happy, but there is nothing "light and shaky" about a 360 at triple digit speeds.

  4. Nor with a GT2.
  5. Actually i find the 360 a lot shakier and more unstable than a Gallardo at high speeds. This is not to say that the 360 is not stable, but that the 360 is less stable than the Gallardo at high speeds. Just my 0.02.
  6. Makes me wonder about the condition of the 360 you drove. I've logged a number of miles at high speed in my Modena, up to 160+, and found it perfectly stable and confidence-inspiring.

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  8. Lamborghini has never been profitable. I think Audi/VW has plans up their sleeve and motives unknown to anyone. I think they are with Lambo for the long haul. VAG and Porsche have always been pretty secretive in their "master plan."

    Just look at the new Jetta-V. VW is using a Gallardo engine in it. Well, almost! Inline 5 cylinder is basically one bank from the Gallardo engine, as they put it. 200hp "downtuned, with potential for bigger numbers," is what they also said. Audi wanted to use the whole engine in an upcoming RS6 i heard, but they were pissed when they realized there was no way to stuff it in the Audi. They were gonna use it somewhere and somehow. If the actual Gallardo doesnt make them money, everything surrounding it will.

    I can even see Audi getting rid of the Lambo E-gear and using DSG instead. DSG looks very promising as a manual "alternative." Porsche is gonna throw it in their cars in a year as well.

    I think this is just the new beggining for Lambo. It will take time, but i think VAG is going to make Lambo what it rightly deserves to be. The most exotic, and amazing street vehicle...but at the same time a car that actually works!

    I think the Gallardo is the best Lambo design since the Miura, and if things work out right, i can see the Gallardo being the next car i buy.

    EDIT: Oh...and what Porsche did you drive??? Maybe on the street with horrible roads...but on the track they stick like glue! They actually feel stiffer at high speeds when the all the aerodynamics start playing a role.
  9. I have a 911 C2 with coilovers and the aerokit. Tires were balanced and alignment was done recently. However, upon taking the 911 to Vegas and hitting 100+mph on the 15N stretch, it became apparent to me that the car was more jittery and shakey than say my BMW X5. In other words, I'd be more comfortable and would drive a lot longer at those speeds in an X5 than in the 911. (Note that the 15 fwy is very smooth for the most part).

    I still love Ferrari for what it is. I don't necessarily think that one car is better than the other (F vs. L), but given the conditions of availability, it's hard not to consider or justify the purchase of a G. Sure it might lack a slightly refined feel of "driver involvement" of a F, but it sure makes up in other areas. Both are terrific cars. And believe me, if the opportunity came around to be able to purchase a 430 at sticker (as I speculate that available cars will fetch a premium that will surely surpass that of the 360 spider), I would do that instead of getting the G.

    The way I see it, after factoring in the premiums that the 430 will go for vs. the price you can get a new G at, it'll probably be a $50~$70K delta for slightly more "driver involvement". And for me personally, I don't track, so on public roads, that 8/10 or 9/10 of 'feel' would hardly be a factor. That being said, is how my justification goes.
  10. gary, dont forget this is the internet...we dont know who is really sending these many people here have really driven both a 360 and a gallardo at all, yet alone at 150mph!!!!i have taken my 360 to 150mph and a gallardo i test drove to 100mph..they both felt very stable...the 360 had better steering feel and a nice engine sound with a tubi...but the g car didnt have atubi and i am sure with the tubi is would sound great....looks are a matter of personal opinion, but i love the murci styling but not the gallardo..i really tryed to like it as my local dealer has 3 g cars it cant sell and will deal....
  11. Then again, you must also consider the usage for this car. Will be you actually be going to the track and seeing high speeds regularly? Or just street time with some occasional sprints? In reality once you get into cars of this level, i don't see the differences in performance as crucial in your decision unless you go to the track. Its really what you like. One car hitting 201 instead of 198 or one car rock solid at 160 with the other just super firm at 160. Seems inmaterial at this level unless the car is seriously tracked. Just my opinion though.

    (What kind of C2 was it? Ive had someone drive me around in a C2 track car doing ridiculous speeds through corners and the car didn't even lean.)
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  13. Maybe Napoilis will repost his excellent summary of the LAmbo/VW situation if he sees this response to your initial query.
  14. BlueS2,

    I have the PSS9 coilover system on my car as well as Gemballa wheels that are more in the 'spec' size of the Turbo. Corning is described as 'on rails', but when the speedo climbs above 100Mph, the car just starts feeling shaky. And I understand completely that this may be a subjective thing to say, but then again its how I feel in the car.

    I also agree with the statement that cars in these "entry level supercar" categories are all within the slightest of margins within each other. For my own situation though (beginning of the thread), I've just come to realization that the Lambo doesn't lose to the 360 in any particular facet and thus making itself a worthy competitor.

    Having said that though, if the F-dealership had a brand new 360 6-Speed at sticker, I'd be all over that in a second. Unfortunately, that's not the case. In fact it's just becoming outright difficult to find a 6-Speed 360 coupe (not spider). I'm really unbiased between the two cars, and if it were a possibility I'd own both.
  15. These are strange days. The euro/$ ratio is causing a lot of pain for many Euro car mfg.'s including VAG and Ferrari. Ferrari is at about 4000 sales world wide and Lambo is at about 1400. Unless Lambo sales reach about 5000 per year I doubt V will ever recoup it's invested capital in Lambo. IMO sales will have to reach 2000 per year to reach operating profit. VAG's problem is not that they can't afford to lose money on Lambo it's only a problem if the rest of their operations get so bad that politically it would become messy to own Lambo while they were forced to lay off Germany workers because of massive overcapacity at VW. None of this will effect a G you buy today. If you like a G buy a G. As you point out new they're going for under msrp. IMO anyone buying any of these cars and asking about depreciation shouldn't buy one. Who cares? These cars are entertainment not necessities.
    As for being unstable at speed due to lower weight that is a joke. There is NO connection. An Audi RS8 weighs half of a G. It makes it's weight via downforce at 100 mph.
    The 360CS I passed at the FQC in my MK-IV at approx. 165 seemed to be quite stable.
  16. Nor with a normal 996 twin turbo
  17. re:
    a few posts up -
    the statement about "this is the internet, etc." apparently questioning "mnm's" statement of driving a G & 360 -
    I know "mnm" from 2 other forums, and have absolutely NO reason to doubt ANYTHING he posts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i.e. - if he said he DID something - then he DID it - and if you disagree with his OPINION - that's different - say you DISAGREE - but don't call someone that you know little about, a LIAR!! TOTALLY uncalled for, especially on what claims to be a "CIVIL" forum !!
    such as - "scycle2020 - I TOO do not care for the Gallardo styling, but that is just my opinion" -

    re: Porsche stability -
    the one's I've driven, altho older, have been VERY stable -
    never driven a 360 or Gallado so I can't compare -

  18. Lamborghini has been in business for 40 years through the good and bad, so if you like the Gallardo go for it, Lamborghini isn't going anywhere but up.
  19. Hey Travis, thanks for vouching for me buddy. :)

    Weird how the claws come out the minute something disaparaging is said about Ferrari.

  20. Actually, I bought my 360 brand new, and had it for 3 years, only just parted.
  21. Not sure about mph, but managed to get up to around 280kmh on the 360, very light, not AS stable as I would have liked. Managed to get to around 310kmh on the Gallardo, much better. And I'm not the only owner of both these fabulous cars to remark on the same thing.

    No offense, but if you pm me i'll be happy to clarify any doubts you might have that i'm having you on. Although you'll have to buy me a cold beer after.

  22. I hope this wasn't directed at me, it's just that my experience with the 360 at high speed is different from yours, it wasn't a personal attack. We did have someone on FChat a few months ago with a handling problem in a 360 that was traced to a mechanical defect, I thought that might be the case with yours. I can't imagine a more stable car at high speed than my 360, but I haven't driven a Gallardo at speed.

  23. Why not get on the list for a 6-speed 430? You'll get it at MSRP and enough time will have gone by (my guess is 3+ years if you're a first time buyer) that they will have gotten most of the bugs out by then.

    Since you're interested in a 6-speed coupe, your turn might even come up earlier since they make 6-speeds in batches and there are only a handful of us stick-only diehards left to buy them.

    In the meantime, enjoy the Gallardo!
  24. nothing personal, and i wasnt even talking about you... i have no reason to doubt you, but there have been some people on the various car web sites who are just kids who are pretending.....its s shame there is no varification process....i learn so much from others true experiences about these great cars!!!!.....also, more power to you for hitting these high speeds....i always chicken out before i go that fast...even the few times on the track with other cars i chicken out...i quess michael s. doesnt have to worry about me!!!!

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