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prestige imports, miami

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by sjblaw, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. anyone have any specific info on this dealer? people have said "I heard some bad things" but no specifics. anything?
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  3. i had a very bad experience w/ them. make sure you see the car in person before you purchase.
  4. not to press you, but how bad? did they not bring your latte at the right temp when you were waiting for service or did you find out the 300k car you bought was in a rollover and then flooded?

    i have seen the car i want and all it is missing is the window sticker saying "new". but i am not a lambo tech or mechanic? who do i bring to a lambo dealer to look at a lambo? i could see if this was a private shop and I could fall back on the dealer, ... but they ARE the dealer? so where do i turn?
  5. Won't much turn on a PPI conducted by an independent mechanic? Isn't what's his name (Tim?) in that neck of the woods?
  6. Run from Prestige. Word to the wise.
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  8. hope you are not buying an 03 yellow murcie from them.....
  9. i also have had a very very bad exp with them. they sold me a piece sh-t lemon TR. stay away
  10. i bought a 99 vt roadster from them in 2002. traded a 6.0 diablo and my 99 f1f355 spider for it. ( i know, i don't know what i was thinking ). it had 4k miles on it. they told me it was one owner car from florida. in my rush and excitment, i declined flying down there to look at the car. upon receiving the car, it looked like the car had 40k miles not 4k. there was stress cracks, all the emblems had to be replaced and there was a problem w/ the roof. it was not a one owner car, and it was owned by someone in nj! only 15 mins from where i live. it looked like the car was driven in the snow and left outside. prestige did give like i think 2k towards service for it, but i spent about 20k in paint work at classic coach to make the car look like it was a 4k mile car.
  11. Wow, I didn't think horror stories like these existed with large scale exotic vendors. They seem quite impressive in the dupont registry, I mean they have alot of cars. With the price these vehicles go for, you'd expect top notch service/product no?!?!?
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  13. You'll find that once you get "in the know", you don't use the DuPont registry to go finding Ferraris...
  14. sjblaw - I live near by and will be there next week if you want me to give you a verbal report on exterior condtion, etc.

    BTW They suck (do search). I looked at a car there when searching for my Diablo. They had nothing but stories. I asked for receipts that clutch was changed and they kept giving me BS and could not produce the docs.

    Here's a good one. Murry Bacchus is a great independent about 9 miles away (he worked there before opening his own shop). I wanted to have a PPI and they will not allow any car to be removed off their lot for PPI ! Even if you pay for the flat bed and he's fully insured - not permitted.

    I ordered parts there before Xmas (small rubber boot that covers the switch in the doors that turn on lights when doors open). Getting ready for concours and wanted to replace all of them. When I ordered the guy told me 2 days...if not in main whse then 4 days. It's been 3 weeks and still not here. Every dealer in the country has them in stock, but these guys are just totally F-uped.

    Anyway, my parts are guaranteed to be here next week and I can give the car a once over for you. BTW - they have had several law suits over their "extended warranty" on used cars. Jose Conseco (ball player) is currently in litigation with them...

    Send me a PM if you want me to look at the car...
  15. Prestige is really en example of the worst kind of dealership for exotic car sales IMO. The owner of the dealership prides himself in screwing unsuspecting buyers and making $$$$. They continue to exhist because there are so many buyers who are naive and come into the dealership starry eyed and excited. There are always several Lambo's in the showroom to attract ones attention.
    Caveat Emptor!

  16. Sorry Louie, it bears repeating: you traded a Diablo 6.0 and a 355 Spider for a 99 Diablo VT... WTF were you thinking? Or smoking?
  17. Just for the record, the warranty company that is causing the problem is NOT The Exotic Warranty Company, which I am the CEO of. Quick disclaimer there since it's a very small market and didnt want to give someone the wrong impression. :)

  18. Sorry for the brief hijack accepted $2K as settlement when the car needed $20K paint which you willingly paid for......after that trade........

    Scratchs head........
  19. yes i know, i don't know what i was thinking. they would only give me money towards some service that needed to be performed. as far as the paint work, they wouldn't give anything. i had someone look at the car before i purchased, but they obviously did not look at the car that good. i guess we all learn by are mistakes. this was a very expensive one though. i realize now that i should have kept my orange 6.0. i have a orange gallardo now. thinking about putting a tubi exhaust and the clear engine bonnet. anyone out there w/ a tubi on there gallardo?
  20. Orange 6.0's are worth a *huge* premium on 6.0 prices too. When you see one it usually fetches $20k over market value. Very rare color, and the best in my opinion.

  21. nice Ben... rub it in further LOL!

    j/k Louie!
  22. Louie, don't worry about it. We've all made mistakes in the heat of passion. The point is that you live and learn. Life's too short to worry about things like this.
  23. Vik - Well put.

    Ben - Disclaimer noted. The majority of lititgation is concerning the 30 day "in house" warranty they offer - not an extended warranty such as your company offers. BTW - When I had my FCar we had met, long time ago when you were on Las Olas... I see your in Sarasota now.. hijack...point made on Prestige.
  24. Las Olas? Not sure what that is... Sure you got the same Ben? :)

  25. Bacchus, is he a black guy?
  26. Ben - Sorry

    There was a "Ben" who was a partner with Exotic Car Warranty in Ft Laud. Similar dba - Perhaps you've heard of them....
  27. I'm still a dreamer, I don't own an exotic yet. I'm simply saying the Dupont Registry is interesting to look at while being on the crapper, and Prestige always has a large ad.
  28. is this the same dealership as in prestige imports of kentwood, michigan? there are an awful lot of "prestige imports" around the country....


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