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post your rare lamborghini countach lp500 prototype pictures

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by alan, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. After seeing the rare and fantastic picture that miltonian posted on my lp500 thread, i got to thinking it would be great if people posted any unusual, rare or generally unknown pictures they have of the lp500 prototype countach, so guys post your lp500 pictures here im betting that this can become a great thread with a lot of posts!
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  3. OK, I'll start. This is from Car Styling #19.
  4. This is from Quattroruote April 1971. Sorry I can't get it flat enough to get 100% of the picture.
  5. This is from Automobile Year #19. Really have to be careful with the spine on old AY, the binding is terrible!
  6. I love this one, from "Encyclopedia of Classic Cars".
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  8. the styling on the rear whell well is very cool! Brings the car together IMO.
  9. She's lamenting to the god's of Olympus to get the hoof of this bull off the train of her dress! lol
  10. I'd sure like to see the old "60 Minutes" segment on Lamborghini where Morley Safer (?) got a fast ride in the Countach. That was a LONG time ago.

  11. That was a great episode, but wasn't that in a Diablo?
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  13. No Morley Safer drove with Valentino Balboni in a white countach,
    I have the rare outtakes from that video, in it Valentino does doughnuts in a LM002. That is one of the best 60 minutes special EVER.

  14. great job miltonian i would post my own but im not signed up yet, so sadly cant, keep up the good work!
  15. Hello Miltonian,

    sadly, the images seem to be lost from the harddisk failure. I searched for Encyclopedia of Classic Cars and came up with many different alternatives. Do you have the ISBN of your book?
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    Hi, "Forza";

    Just happened to look in LamboChat for the first time in weeks and saw your post. Sorry all of the old images are gone.

    This is the picture I posted from "Encyclopedia of Classic Cars: Sports Cars 1945-1975", by Rob de la Rive Box, copyright 1998 by Rebo Productions. It's a fairly common book, I think I have seen copies recently at two of my local used book stores. There are two other books by the same author in this series.

    Edit: ISBN 1 84053 111 8
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  17. Miltonian,

    thanks for your quick reply! A really nice photo indeed! Do you still have those other scans as well? Would be interesting to see them.

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