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pop up headlights or flush

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by TOOLFAN, Apr 2, 2005.

  1. what do you prefer flush lambo headlights post 98 or pop up lights?
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  3. Agreed. In my opinion, flush provides a much cleaner, sleeker look to these amazing vehicles.
  4. Absolutely. Looks like night and day to me, and I've owned many more pop up Lambo's, but the flush looks more "upscale".
  5. For the Diablo, I prefer flush.

    However, I am a pop up fan. I like Miatas/Mr2s/Nsx/355 all with pop up lights, but for the Diablo, exception is made. :) :)
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  7. personally I dig the pop up lights on the diablo se what about rear wings
  8. Diablo: Flush
    NSX: Popup
  9. no wings for me. I like how Ben's yellow car was. To me thats the perfect diablo. 6.0, in your face color, no wings.

    The car is so wild, imo the wings are overdoing it. Obviously that is just my personal preference. :)
  10. definitely

    Diablo: flush
    NSX: popup
    Corvette: popup (i prefer the C5's)

    About rear wings, I think the VT 6.0 looks best without one
    I like Ben's orange better than the yellow one ... but still, both beautiful cars and neither one with a spoiler
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  12. Agree both are stunning! To me the best of both world would be, Ben's 6.0 in a Lime Green Murcie color :eek: :eek:
  13. custom wheels ye or nay
  14. Diablo: Pop-Up

    I really like both ways, but I like pop-up more just b/c it has a unique appeal. Just like the BMW 8-Series. I also like the headlights on the Ferrari F40, but not so much on the Countach.
  15. I really prefer pop-ups too. It gives the Diablo that timeless look...

  16. Diablo is so agressive with its driver foward seating and short front hood.
    I vote pop-ups also. Gives the car a clean line.
  17. Diablo neeeeds pop ups!
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    A Lambo is not complete without the WING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is personal opinion only. I have owned 17 Lambo's now, with wings on ALL. I could never pull the trigger on a wing-less Lambo.
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  19. I have never seen a murci with a wing do youhave any other pics, what is are everones thoughts on custom wheels for lambos stock or...........
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    I had the wing put on. It is off a 94se Diablo. I do not like aftermarket wheels, although I personalize the stock wheels on all my cars.
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  21. very cool, have you modified the engines of your lambos at all, over the years of owning them
  22. Damn, that means I can't buy a used Lambo from you. Do you drill holes into the body for the wings?
  23. No!! The Murci wing was carefully placed on the muffler cover part of the body, and it could easily be replaced if the wing was removed. It is a relatively inexpensive piece.
  24. The mods on those muci wheels looks sweet ! Gets rid of the clean look and makes them look really aggressive ! I like some aftermarket wheels on lambos but it has to be the right ones. I have seen some that looked horrible yet some that just made the car ! Although one car that is a sin to put aftermarket wheels on is the countach. 99.9 percent of the time the factory OZ wheels just look better than anything you can put on it.
  25. I love pop ups . Esp when they are up and you are inside the cockpit. It looks like a cat .

  26. Great to hear its reversible :)

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