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poll..what is your favorite color on a murcielago?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by scycle2020, Nov 2, 2004.

  1. ..what is the nicest looking color for a murci... of course this is everyones opinion..btw...there are no bad looking colors on this car
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  3. I may be the only one to say it, but Verde Artemis has to be my favourite. The SE40 colour. :)
  4. red or white.
  5. I love the black or classic lambo yellow..the darker red is great too! You just cant go wrong with any color on that car!
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  8. Moderators can add it ex post ;)
  9. Orange or Lime Green, all colors look beautiful on the car
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  11. Black with Red Interior
  12. i like red and orange best
  13. lime green
  14. Skittles! collect them all!
  15. I can't decide..... I think it would have to be the one Ryan posted though... Thats HOT!
  16. If someone could please photoshop Rossa Fiorano on a Murcielago...I would appreciate it. My dream color on any car! Here's a sample if you need it.
  17. There's a dark metallic red already... no Pshop necessary!
  18. It's between orange, lime green, and dark red!
  19. Thats nice!
  20. Lambo's got some gorgeous colors. But my vote goes for Arancio Atlas (aka Metallic Orange).

    A relative has the lime green (Verde Ithaca), and since seeing it my opinions have changed for the better and that color is a close second.
  21. Damn Ryan the one you posted is beautiful, I would put that Azzuro California
    on the roadster that?s coming out. But I got to stick to metallic orange with a all brown leather interior. I haven?t seen a picture of this combination but I think it would rock.
  22. there was some rap label exec who got murdered a year or so ago, and when they looked at his will they discovered that he didn't want to be cremated or put in a casket, no, he wanted to be buried in his momo edition murci...and that's just what happened.

    and i'm glad because the momo edition looks atrocious. ;-)
  23. Viper Green !!
  24. Black on red leather.
  25. I love orange, (with black and orange interior), red, (with red and white interior), and lime green (with green and white, or green and black, or black and white, or grey) interior.
    but in the end, I think I might have to go with yellow with yellow and black interior, no nav, and a 6-speed stick.

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