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Please help me find a 1990-1991 Diablo!!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by nishttdawg, Feb 17, 2005.

  1. Hi there! I am actively looking to buy an early diablo. Please let me know of anynice ones avialble open to colors but prefer red and of course a clean car. Finders fees paid, and I thought where better to start than the club. Please call me at 416 520 7607 or 905 569 0380.

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  3. note for those looking for a Diablo for Nik: he is in the Toronto area (unless things have changed)
  4. Email me at I have client ready to sell his 1991 diablo in the Northeast. Car has service records and has been completely gone through, undercarriage and all. I have excellent photos of exterior, interior, and the whole undercarraige from front to back. I worked at a lamborghini franchised dealer for years and i am very well educated on these cars.
  5. That white 1991 I beleive was sold a few months ago. I remember also seeing it in the Dupont. Thanks for the reply anyhoo
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  7. We just traded for a 1994 Red VT coupe Diablo that has under 8000km on it that is an extremely nice car and has been well cared for.

    The previous owner is coming down on March 4 to take delivery of his new car and after that 94 will be available for sale.

    PM me for more details if you are interested.

  8. the reason i need a 91 car is it has to be 15 yrs olds to bring into Canada otherwise major chasis overhaul must be completed. Does anyone know of any way around this?

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