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Platnium Motors Custom Exhaust? Who has.One?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by FL 355, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. I'm looking for an exhaust sytem for my Diablo. So far I've looked into Tubi and Larini. I was told about Platnium Motors in Orange County. They make their own system in house and one person says it's excellent.

    Has anyone here tried it or have any comments on sound and workmanship?
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  3. frank, im less than distinct with platnium or larini exhaust system but fwiw, i have new tubi installed in my diablo roadster and the beast roars great.....(not as good as tubi on my 360 but again nothing has come least in my experience)
  4. FL355, I experienced it a few months ago. It was on lime green Murcielago! It sounds EXPLOSIVE!!! Call up Grant at Platinum OC, MAYBE he has an audio clip to email you. I am planning on getting it installed soon too.
  5. Thanks guys.

    When I was doing shows with the FCar, I met 2 guys with Diablos + Tubi and it sounded killer. A guy who has 2 Lambo's in LA swears by Platnium...and there's a price difference. So far, Tubi is $2K more.

    Jay - I did speak to Grant yesterday. Going to visit a local Tubi dealer today to see what he can do pricing wise, if he does not come down I'll order from Jay today.
  6. frank,

    i m curious what they quoted you on that tubi for your diablo?
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  8. Bought Tubi - Have local distributor here and will be here in 2 weeks. Went with Tubi becaues met 2 guys with Diablos at cars shows who have it and I know what I'm buying. Sound clips make it hard to decide...each car is different...

    Tom F-1 : The system was about 5K, but can be done for less:

    Muff is about 2900 + 600 for test pipe. Now here is where you can spend money...Tubi offers about 4 different variations for the exhaust tips or you can use your original ones. I went with a 4/70mm that looks like stock, but the entire thing is polished stainless...looks sweet. Add another 1200 for that. Then about $100 for gaskets and 4-6 hours labor.

    They are sponsoring my party!

  10. go to

    click movies

    The first movie is a comparison video of a 6.0 with a stock exhaust, and a 6.0 with the tubi exhaust.

    There at least you have a basis.

  11. Well Tubi it is...already paid for and waiting on delivery... should have install next week.

    Ben - can you make this?

    I'm trying to drum up some Lambo cars...
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