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Planning a top notch car show looking for feedback...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by SupercarGuru, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. Hey Everyone,

    Sometime next year its in the works and my company is organizing a exclusive supercar show here in Palm Beach. A large indoor event with celebrity guests, cocktail hour, food etc. So far we are planning a Miura SV reunion, we have 2 F50s registered a Enzo 2 F40s 288 GTO... but i really want to be groundbreaking here...alot of shows you can see the ferrari supercars etc. Everyone is welcome by the way! I would love to meet everyone from Ferrarichat and im working on a great deal for everyone involved in the community.
    Any thoughts? What would make you want to come? (How can i bribe AJ to bring all his cars! LOL)


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  3. id say youre right most high end shows have f40, enzo etc, what you need to do is gather a truely unique collection of cars together, in other words youd have to top the monterey weekend (can you do that?)
    personally id go to a show that could gather together all the top end cars from the miura onwards, and not just the big three porsche , ferrari, lambo but the lesser known unique marques ie vector, koenigsegg, cizeta and the like.Plus gathering types together i.e. not just a mclaren f1 but the lm and the gt aswell, and just to help you out the only clk gtr in the us is based in florida! good luck and i hope you are succesfull.
  4. Sounds cool. Problem is, by the time the show rolls around, I probably wont have any of my current cars!!

  5. Its ok! lol your always welcomed no matter what you bring! (but i know it will be hottt)

  6. Thank you!
    The Koenigsegg US distributer is here in palm beach, i plan to get a couple of Mclarens, cizeta might be hard to get... by next year cars like the SLR might be "Old" so i also have to speculate what will be "the car" to see.
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