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Pics of my babies -FINALLY!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by warrenn, Oct 3, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone, finally got my camera back from NJ. In honor of this momentous occasion I am posting pics of my beauties. I can give first hand account of the differences between these cars so ask away. Carbon is much nicer in the gold one. Both are unbelievable. Titanium one is for sale, gold one is not.
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  3. Nice set you got there. :)

    Is the gold one previously AJs?
    What type of MB is that in the garage?

    And from the little I can see of your house, it looks hella nice. [I love columns]. :)
  4. Your the Luckiest person on the Planet, What do you do for a living?
  5. hey warrenn, whats the difference between the 6.0s with the lamborghini badge on the left, and the 6.0s with the lamborghini badge in the middle of the back, like your gold one? ive some idea that the gold 6.0s were part of a special run of some kind. I asked a lamborghini dealer here in England and he had no idea what i was talking about!
    any info would be appreciated, thanks Alan W
  6. The silver is a VT and the gold is the anniversary model 6.0 :)

    (i think)
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  8. Correct. SE #18
  10. correct, one is an SE the other is a VT. GOld is the special edition. Only came in two colors, gold and maroon. The house is nice but its not mine, it's my parents house, they let me keep my cars there while I'm out in LA. My place in NJ is not as nice. I own a wireless telecom consulting company.

    The benz is a 500sl.
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  12. Simply amazing!

    I just love the Diablo. Have you thought of adding an older style VT? One with popups?

    What was the motivation between buying two cars that share so many of the same characteristics?
  13. oh thanks for the info , so is there any technical difference between a normal 6.0 vt and the 6.0 se, or is it just the paint job and the limited run extras that makes them different?
  14. Hey, what's up? How's good ol' Jersey? I'm still in LA, I might ship the titanium one out here. How was the f- treat'n ya?
  15. No haven't thought of adding an older diablo, wanted the most maintenance free, technologically advanced diablo that I could get without taking too much of a depreciation hit, that's how i decided on the 6.0.

    Didn't mean to get 2 of them, the SE was an opportunity I couldn't pass up, that's why I am trying to sell the titanium one.
  16. This is a question for the man AJ, and I think he posted some info before but I believe the only mechanical difference between the 6.0 and the 6.0 SE is the gearing ratio. AND a very interesting thing: the 6.0 doesn't have a reverse lock -meaning you don't have to do anything different with the stick to get it into reverse, the SE model on the other hand has a lock so you have to push the stick in in order to get it into reverse. SE also has different carbon fibre, electronic seats, different seats -has vent holes in it, Nav system is standard, Lambo sign is in the middle in the rear, numbered, mm.. I think that's about it.
  17. thats interesting, thanks for the info, im surprised that the lambo U.K. dealer didnt know the difference, so thanks again ive always wondered what the deal was with the 6.0 se.
  18. UK dealer wasn't the only dealership that didn't know what an se was. kinda disapointing and alarming isn't it?
  19. *Imagines having a ferrari*
    *Imagines being in college*
    *Imagines being in college and having a ferrari*
    *Changes pants*

  20. College and the Fcar? I bow before you.

    You are definitely doing SOMETHING right. :)
  21. Warren,

    Nice pics!!! You should take some pictures showing the differences for the historical archives. :) It'd be neat for others to be able to see them since they are so rare.

  22. Nice pics Warren!! I miss that beast.
  23. AJ, I didn't realize you were selling the gold car too...thought just the countach and I thought warren was awaiting a murci not a 6.0.
  24. Well, I wasn't actively selling it. I would not have advertised it at all. Warren is a friend, and things just happened. I will be on a hunt for a 94se shortly.
  25. you should totally bring your car to college. If I had the opportunity I would have brought a f or lambo to school. F-- what other people thing, you probably already have an established group of friends at school by now anyways.

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