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Pics of my 88.5 Countach

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. These are pics of my 3000 mile 88,5.Rare yellow with dark brown interior.
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  3. Very nice A.J.

    Me gusta amarillo !!!

    I have never seen a dark brown interior.

    The top of my dash is the same dark brown.

  4. Yeah,most people dont like the brown,but I think it looks ok with the yellow.I will have some new pics tomorrow,as its been getting a bit of an update,including the remnants of the us rear bumpers being removed.
  5. A. J., sorry to be a broken record, but some cars in some colors just " do it " for me. YOU ROCK MAN!
  6. Ive always like the Countach and yellow and when you put em together you get a yellow Countach. And that equals sexy. The intrior could use some yellow stiching just so it could have that matching thing going on. Either way, its a nice car. Congrats man.
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  8. It's absolutely beautiful!!

    BTW, I have a 95' ZR1 and a few others... but I really need a Lambo!!
  9. You are right on the stitching.I have been thinking about that very thing.Thanks for the positive comments.
  10. If you evere think about selling it shoot me an email! Good Luck Fred ps. What state do you live in?
  11. Hey. Stop. Get to the back of the line. LOL
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  13. Hey Fred.Im in the Atlanta,ga. area.

  14. Hey Aj,

    Was that originally ray from FL's car??


  15. No, it wasnt from Fla.
  16. i like how the engine bay isnt all perfect and clean, nice to see a few wires ruinning around unlike the newer cars(enzo, newer lambos,any super car really)
  17. I like the color. Nice garage too.
  18. Wow she is pristine, I must admit I am a bit partial to Blondes!

  19. My thoughts exactly, beautiful all around!
  20. Thanks for all the positives guys.The garage decor was a Xmas gift from the G.F.When I posted some pics of my Vipers on the viper site,all I got was negatives about the curtains and the Zr1 and lambo stuff on the walls.
  21. Just that time periods version of today's American Le Mans and Grand Am.
  22. Man, tough room. You are the local dealer and the whole world gets too see them before you!!! Jeez, I don't feel the love. A.J., when are you gonna come by with one of them? I really would like to see the Countach.

    Lamborghini Atlanta
  23. Thanks Chris.I am going to get by tues-wed to check out that orange Gallardo!!
  24. Hey A.J.
    Eric is driving the car and it will not be there tomorrow. Come by on Wed and take a look. I will be there all day. Hope you are doing well. I like the garage.


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