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pics of a murcielago i say driving

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Lukas, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. First of all i have to say WOW! this car is so awesome and seeing one on the road when you least expect it is trully something special!
    I was walking here in Stockholm and i hear a sound coming slowly at me, i turn and i see this wide yellow looking thing...first it was quite far so i couldnt see what it was...but as it came closer i saw it was the king of cars. Luckily i had my camera with me so i was able to take some quick ones but then later i saw it again and got better pics....

    Enjoy and sorry if some pics are really bad it was my camera who was dying shich meant i couldnt use the lcd display.
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  3. last ones
  4. Now tell me you don't like that more than black....!

    You know the yellow is calling you.....:D

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  6. thanks...hey your planning to get one? Get it in yellow if you want attention! atleast ten people came up to it and just stared and was speechless!
  7. Wow....beautiful...awesome pictures!!
  8. Great pics especially the one with the cooling vent open.
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  10. WOW!! Great pics. Unreal.
  11. Awesome, Utkarsh GET YELLOW!
  12. thanks for the comments guys...yes the car is really nice in yellow, pics just doesnt show this cars real beauty if you know what i mean....
  13. the blondes not to bad either
  14. I remember my first Murcie sighting...

    At first I really didnt like the styling of the Murcielago, it looked to restrained when compared to the Diablo 6.0. Then I was behind a new blue one on the highway... now I LOVE the styling. Unfortunatley, I couldnt hear the car, it was too quiet at 80mph in 6th gear. Im sure it sounded sweet, though.
  15. havent seen a murcie yet
  16. Hej Lukas.

    Cool pics - vet du hvor många Murcielago'r som går i Sverige??

  17. Nice color. I'm still lost as to why the tail lights are the size of a wheel, though.
  18. Cool I have now seen 13 Murcielago's (2 over the weekend). I haven't seen any on the road, all at the dealer or track.
  19. dont know how many there are in sweden, but i know of a balck one, an orange and then this yellow. There are probably 5 more or so which i dont know of. what about norway?
  20. Murcies in NORWAY?!?!?!? HAHAHAHAHA That must be the joke of the day, so the answer is zero, zip, nothing nada!
    We dont even have a VT 6,0 - W A Y to expensive to import to this stupid country, as you might know, we're NOT part of the EU!
    So if I wanna import a Lambo from, lets say Germany - the car will cost me 180,000 Euro (1,5 mil SEK) then when I come to Svinesund (the main border between Sweden and Norway) I have to pay AT LEAST 180.000 Euro AGAIN due to taxes and all that crap!
    Now the Murcie have a lots of HP (580) and thats why its so damn expensive to import - if it had a Fiat 800 engine with 37 HP or something, it would probably only cost 10 bucks or something....but a Murcie with 37 HP is not
    exactly a "magnet to women" either...0 - 100 km/h in about 4 hours. LOL
    I know you Swedish only pay 5000 SEK or something to import cars from other countrys, no matter what kind of car it this right???
    Norway is one of the richest countrys in the world, but our "car policy" is pretty f***** up!

    By the end of next week I'll go to Schwetzingen in Germany to check out the "Modena Days" (Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati event) and hopefully I'll be able to see a Murcie and a VT 6,0 for the first time in real.

    Norway sucks.....on surtain issues.

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