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Pics of 6.0se interior

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. Alot has been asked lately about the Diablo interiors.Took some pics today.Keep in mind this is an SE,and all gold cars came with dark brown interior.Also came loaded with carbon fiber,all clear coated.
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  3. Well, that looks completely nice.

    Do you have pics of the exterior?
  4. Just have 2 on the computer.There not real good,but here you go.
  5. Lovely car. It's the first car I have ever seen that looks great in gold.

    BTW, why do you have a garage door in your living room? :)
  6. A.J.

    That car rocks.

    You need to show off a little more.

    For those that do not know, the Carbon Fibre has titanium threads.
    The interior metal items are in fact titanium. That is the best
    looking interior I have ever seen. It looks elegant and racy.

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  8. Thanks Ralph.Have you pulled the trigger yet?
  9. That car has one of the nicest interiors of any exotic. Makes my 355 look pretty plain. I hope Ferrari heads this way in the future.
  10. Thanks Jeff.Lambo finally got the interior right on the Diablo at the end of production,and they really got it right.I have always thought the Diablo interiors were good,but not outstanding.They are better than most think however.
  11. Very nice color, the C/F goes well with the interior. It kind of reminds me of a copperhead.
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  13. It is imminent.

    It is a matter of hours and a day or two.

    Their secretary cannot type fast enough. LOL

  14. They dropped the ball on the Murcielago interior. Some Audi idiot decided to start with the Acura Integra, as the point of departure.

    The outside of the car is superb. They were limp when it came to the Murcielago interior. Even Clax would agree. Quite a few Lamborghini enthusiasts share this view.
  15. Very cool! That interior is exceptional in every way!
  16. love the interior, the cf is great!!!!what year is your 6.0 and when did they change over from eariler lambos?..i agree it looks better than the murci interior
  17. 2001.The 6.0 was only put in production cars in 01.The Diablo interior was changed after the 98 model year,and updated with more c.f. and titanium for 01.Thank you for the positive comments. A.J.
  18. No A.J.

    The poor mans "garden variety" 6.0 does not have titanium components on the inside. It has the far less expensive material of aluminum. Aluminum is also heavier. LOL See the titanium would enable A.J. to smoke the cheap version of the 6.0. This is of course taking into account equal drivers and rules. Hopefully someone would not dump the clutch. That could give an unfair advantage to the cheaper car.

    You have the exclusive SE model. Stop keeping a low profile. Tell it like it is.
  19. That car is awesome. And as stated above, the gold looks great on it. Its still odd how colors like bright orange, purple, green, and blue (that really light blue available on the new murci) would look so nasty on most other cars, like ferrari for example, yet look so damn good on Lamborghinis.

    And the 6.0 is by far my favorite modern Lamborghini, especially with the spoiler :)
  21. I love that interior! It has style, great looks, character, sexy and racy all at the same time. I wish they put that effort into the murci interior. Murci interior is nice but pales in comparison to the style of the 6.0's.

  22. You read my post. LOL
  23. the SE cars are gorgeous. I was very very close to pulling the the trigger on the dark marrone car (no. 14) with a dark brown / tan interior. Absolutely stunning color scheme.

    Very nice.

  24. Now that interior is absolutely stunning, it's nothing like the Murci and's far superior and this is an older model? Unbelieveable. Great interior, thanx for showing. So now this tells me Lambo is capable of beautiful interiors but why did they not do it for the new cars?

  25. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  26. Skimping cash by new owner Audi. I think the new ones look fine though. I didn't think the Murci interior looked too far off the 6.0's.
  27. Thank you .The interiors in the 99 and 01 Diablo's was indeed nice.They decided to go out with a bang and really do up the SE cars in '01.The interior is the reason I purchased the SE.The funny thing on resale values is that hardly anyone liked the exterior colors they did on the SE cars.They did 20 in the metallic gold dust and 20 in the dark brown/maroon like.Despite the interior upgrades and some other things like a different finish on all the carbon fibre,with titanium threads,gold injector covers and lighter weight also,a short gear for unreal acceleration,the se's were a difficult sale,both new and on the resale market.Until recently,as it now appears that these cars are being appreciated for the upgrades and finishing touches,and they are beginning to gain some collector interest,which in turn should at least make the car more difficult to find,and help the values in the long run.As everyone knows,L cars are known for their exterior and eye appeal,so the interiors of the newer cars will take 3rd place behind exterior looks,and performance numbers.Only so many dollars to put in the cars,and choices have to be made.The Murci interior is certainly light years ahead of the original Diablos,and I think you will see an emphasis in this area in a short time.
  28. Ralph - What are you getting? Pray tell.

    6.0 SE - Awesome interior on this car - best I have seen in a Lambo..

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