((PICS)) My Friend's Murcielago & my 360 Modena, TODAY@ Crystal Cove,Newport Beach CA | LamborghiniChat

((PICS)) My Friend's Murcielago & my 360 Modena, TODAY@ Crystal Cove,Newport Beach CA

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Jimmy540i, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. One 360 Modena owner here checks in, this is my first post in this Lambo palace. :)

    For your enjoyment. Here are some pictures of my 360 & my homie Mike's Murcie. Taken by myself this morning during the Crystal Cove Meeting in Newport Beach. (SUP MIKE, YOU HERE?)

    And during our little meeting, a gentleman who owns a Gallardo joined the party (SUP MATT!!!)

    Enjoy and I hope these pictures worth your time.

    Here are the pictures, in random order:
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  3. (my interior)
  4. comparison
  5. WOW!!!! very Sweet pictures
  6. nice thanks for sharing:)
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  8. Thanks guys, one more precious pic:
  9. Wow...I LOVE that Gallardo's rims. I have never been a big fan of the Gallardo until now (I guess the rims really make that much of a difference)...WOW....
  10. Jimmy, very nice pics. Did your friend get his Murci wheels chromed? Again, outstanding pics.

    ps You were exceeding the posted speed limit in at least one shot, as the Murci's wing is up to the first position, which happens at 80!!

  11. Thanks, his rims were crome from the factory, and yes, I will get of shop of the wingup. :)
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  13. Wow. Great pix!
  14. Thank you :D
  15. Great pics Jimmy,

    btw on the Gallardo are those 20's in the rear? I cant believe the owner lowered the car even more!! its already quite low in front.
  16. Great pictures there ... would classify as car porn in my book :) ... love the Murci in the mirror shot the best
  17. jimmy,

    it doesn't matter how many i've seen the interior of your 360....it still gives me goosebumps, dude......

    thanks for sharing.

  18. yes they are 20HREs and the cars should be lowered, 2 more close-ups for ya
  19. nice work as always jimmy.;) How does the 360 keep up with the lambo?

  20. LOL, are you serious? he's lucky to stay with in camera range :)
  21. What sexy cars

  22. Thanks pal! :)
  23. VERY NICE Pics!

  25. Beautiful cars, looks like you guys caused quite a stir when you parked. I know I would have gotten in an accident had I drove past.

    I've never been a fan of HREs but the ones on the Gallardo have me rethinking that, nicest ones I've seen hands down!
  26. Thats a fact!
  27. hi, where exactly is Crystal Cove on Newport beach? Have you guys seen Kobe with his yellow Murcielago in Newport beach? I know he lives in Newport, right?
    Nice pictures, but you guys need to park the cars with the front out like the Gallardo. Come on, man .

  28. Was Kobe ever @ Crystal Cove before? Any or you Lambo guys seen him?

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