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Photoshop request

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Burnout, Apr 28, 2004.

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    Can anyone change the light grey areas on the dash, center console and doors to yellow?

    I really want to see what this would look like.

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  3. Here it is. Anything else while I have it open in PS?
  4. Lambo Green please!!!
  5. Here's what I would get: navy. Also Skizio Ace's Limeborghini!
  6. Thanks Ryan. I think your color looks good, but maybe better on a blue herra lambo.
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  8. YELLOW:

    OH MAN, Thats my Lambo right there...
  9. Do you think you could do the wheels green too?
  11. The "Kermit the Frog" cruiser.
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  13. :D I was thinking either plates that read LIMBRGNI or BULLFROG
  14. nice work;)

    I wonder if you could get these colors if you ordered your car? I want to think of a wild color combo that SCREAMS LAMBORGHINI in a way that no other car could pull off, any suggestions?

    Something wild that works as well, thanks:)
  15. If I were ordering right now, I'd get this McLaren's red/orange metallic pearl, with some more red:

    (I didn't change this McLaren color at all... but it's like the Enzo I did)

    Edit: like this. I don't know auto paint but it might be metallic red with yellow pearl?? They could do it. Or maybe a superblue with a purple pearl...
  16. Hey dudes.

    Where do I send my check ?
  17. Something like that. I want to see a green Murci, with a green(like you did for me--thanks) and orange(all the rest) interior.

    That would look wicked.
  18. Here's a shot - but turning things from black into a color is almost impossible to make look right. So here's a quick 'n dirty look at your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Murcie.
  19. I like it, with black stitching. Man, maybe one day, maybe.
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  21. Here you go....
  22. Thanks Mark, its looking good!
  23. Opposing colors.

    Can anyone show me the 2nd picture with a green interior?
  24. Sure!

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