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Perhaps I'm the only one...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Tobias, May 24, 2004.

  1. But I think the backs of the Murcielago and Gallardo are extraordinarily ugly/bulky. The lights on the Murcielago are particularly dull and unshapely.

    I much prefer the rear of the Diablo. Thoughts?
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  3. I dont think the backs are ugly on the new lamborghini's but i do agree with you that they dont look as good as the diablo.
  4. Yeah, they are hideous. I wouldn't take one for free. Are you for real? They may not be your cup of tea but ugly? Get a clue.
  5. I didn't say I wouldn't take one for free, but if I'm going to pay in upwards of a quarter of a million for a vehicle, I want it to make me weak in the knees every time I look at it; it has to be utterly perfect.

    I'm sorry to say that the styling of the new Lamborghinis don't quite meet those criteria for me.
  6. Thats why we have so many choices in cars today.To each his own.I would think however,that a thread like this,stated in the way you stated it,wont be met with many positives,particularly on the Lambo chat site,where most of us that frequent this site have a high affection for ALL lambos,past and present.I for one think the back end of both the G and M cars are a work of art.Now I also would agree that I like the Diablo back end better,but I also love the back end styling of the Countach,more than all of them.
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  8. my suggestion is to see one in real life, (and that goes for any car actually), because on the lambo, many photos don't show what the back looks like either from a distance, or from above, where you realistically see it...remember how short it is;)
  9. Yeah... people say that about the backs. I actually really like them. To each his own, but I really like them. And I'm a die hard Ferrari fan.

    I saw a Murcielago on the raod today. Titanium. My jaw dropped.

    Edit: Yeah, and I think I go back and forth, but I think I like the Mruci rear better than the Diablo. Yes, it's much more rounded, and the Diablo is more jagged. I guess it depends what kind of mood I'm in. But seeing the smoother lines of the Murci roll past today, I can tell you that for me the design definitely works.
  10. I dont think that pictures really do any of these cars the justice that seeing them in person does.The Diablo rear end is a bit over the top in comparision to the Murci, and thats one reason I like them so much.
  11. Well, I agree about the Back ends of the Murci, and the Gallardo, wonderful flowing lines until you reach the back, then looks like the designers ink pen had trouble HA HA, and I have seen both. I'll take the Diablo!
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  13. Oh wait a minute, I already took it
  14. I would make a statement that most people who comment on the Murcielago or Gallardo's looks have NOT seen one in person. I for one did not like the look of either that much until my second slalmon ski set was canceled in Orlando (due ti windy conditions) and we decided to drive to the Lamborghini dealership north of town. That's when it all started coming apart at the seams. Both the Murcielago or Gallardo's looks in person surprised this 'Open Minded Ferrari Owner', and the rest is history.
  15. Now, thats a great as*!!! ;)
  16. I know all will agree that it will be simply more awsome and stunning when I purchase that PURDUE license plate!!
  17. I'm not a fan of the Gallardo rear, but the Murci is beautiful!
  18. I was thinking that.
  19. See one in person the murcialgo looks great.
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  21. Like others have said, go see one in person. Its definitly a wow factor to me either one of them. Both look great but the Murci looked even better than I thought when I saw one up close.
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  23. How could anyone with a lick of sense and taste say that looks"ugly/bulky"??
  24. I think the Gallardos back is hideous but the Murcielagos is damn sexy.
  25. The Murcielago rear is beautiful. A comination of modern & classic styling, with a very unique look.

    The Gallardo rear is, well, growing on me. I can't say that I love it, but I think it's ok. I had the opportunity to drive one recently, and I drove behind it in my Murcie for a while on the highway, and the more I looked, the more I liked.
  26. Hey AJ, how about a picture of that beautiful yellow Countach you have. Maybe one with the rear hood open! It's only fair since we are discussing Lambo rear views.
  27. You got it Dave,you dont have to ask me twice!!
  28. I get weak at knees everytime I see these pictures!!

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