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Perfect Murci and 6.0

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by FerrariSlave, Jul 25, 2004.

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  2. That 6.0 VT is a wonder to mankind - - its to die for.....
    along with the Murcielago in the same color (whats the name of this color anyway??)

    $189k Murcielago....

    How do I post a working link? I copy and paste and it does'nt work right...
  4. The orange in the metallic pearl is officialy called Arancio Atlas.
  5. The color is absolutely stunning in person and no photo I've seen comes close to showing the depth of the solor!!
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  7. OK...thanx 4 the info
    BTW, congrats on your new Arancio Atlas Murcielago, its absolutley beautyfull.
    (I'm not jealous.........................................yeah, right) LOL :)
  8. Lamborghini Atlanta has some very nice used L cars now!!
  9. I've never had the pleasure to see it in person yet, but I'm sure its 100 times better in person rather than on the pics.
    I know Ferrari dont use this color, but does anybody have a photoshoped pic of a Ferrari in this color??????
  10. That would be a sight to be seen. I understand that Ferrari will paint an ordered car any color.
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  12. This may sound strange, but if you have seen Minority Report, I always thought the red used for the "Mercedes" (I think that was the brand) in the movie would make an awesome color for any Exotic. It had an unreal (perhaps computerized) sheen to it.
  13. open url...close url with the [] and the [/]
  14. It was actually a Lexus. Looks like all the marketing money behind that flick went to waste huh? ;-) You still identified the car as a Benz even after all the money Lexus shelled out to the studio...
  15. I perfer the murci in blue/creme but the six would be a interesting touch in the garage to make that bold statement when needed.
  16. stop showing photos of your new murci... it pure cruelity to those of us that cant get one at this time!!!!
  17. LOL - yeah, you got that right buddy ;)
  18. Ok, I'll stop!!
  19. wtf dont stop it man :) i "need" those pics......btw is there any chance of pics of your murcie and 6.0 together? would make me wet for sure :)
  20. Yes, I will get those today.
  21. ok aj, i give up... i will suffer..looking at the pics is better than nothing... give us more!!!!
  22. The orange 6.0 is the nicest Lambo ever! Very hot.

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