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People Comment on your car

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. My friend in NOLA with a sparkling 04' Gallardo was cruising in town, and a lady chased him down at a red light and told him that she came in her pants while she was looking at the car. Before that, a couple of young girls told him that they would puff him for his car. Must be nice to have a machine like that.

    Anybody else have a crazy comment they would like to share with the rest of us. I love hearing about girls and cars.
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  3. Hey buddy, please fill out your profile - its nice to know who we're talking to.
    BTW: Welcome on board ;)
  4. My only experience like that was also in New Orleans - two 17-20 yr olds ran up to us when I was riding with a friend in his 355, leaned in the windows and cooed, "this is a nice cawr..." A guy in a Grand Cherokee next to us started laughing and yelled out something like, "Hey, my Jeep is new too!" We complimented them by doing a 40yd burnout through the intersection.
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    When I had the 355, yea it occasionally helped with the girls.
    But since owning the Murcie its been F*****g unbelievable!! I've met birds in traffic when they have pulled up at the side of me, had phone no's left on the windscreen etc etc. It seems to have an effect no Ferrari ever has. This has been on the UK Fchat before but these 3 girls wanted to sit in the Lambo outside a bar a few months back. Unfortunatly they all had steady boyfriends though I tried!
    Some you win some you lose....
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  6. The two girls on the right look like they're about 13 years old.
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  8. They were all 24 actually!! One on left looks a bit like Paris Hilton I think
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  10. Jesus I know where not to come on holiday then ha ha!!

  11. Yes, but if you add them together they are 26! C'mon man, loopholes! ;)

    Now how do I delete this post?
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  13. Paris Hilton wishes she looked like that. That girl is exceptional. My girlfriend has a chin like that and I LOVE it!!!

    Little details like that drive me crazy. In a good way.

  14. Classic....
    My best laugh for a rather sh*ty day....
  15. In my 98 Diablo, once had a pair of bar flys (one hot, one not) follow me to my house. One yelled out the window "I'd suck you dry for a ride in that car!" I couldn't believe my ears...I asked her to repeat it, she did...just as my wife was coming down the driveway, to which my wife replied "excuse me *****!"

    Girls sped off...not realizing it was a cul de they had to turn around and cruise back by the house. Wife was doing Dances With Wolves imitation (Stands with a Fist) in the middle of the street and I was waiting for a brawl.

    For several weeks, those girls would cruise by my house to look inside my garage...
  16. LOL. The question is, was the one that made the offer the hot one or the not one? ;)

  17. Here's my funniest story. I dropped my girlfriend off at the lobby entrance of a hotel in Chicago, and just as she entered the hotel a black SUV pulls up alongside me with screaming chicks. The one in the passenger seat pulls her top down to expose herself, with a big smile on her face. I was kind of stunned. Just then, she looks down to her chest and says "aw, ****". When she pulled her top down, she ripped her bra. So, she pulls out the ripped bra from inside her top and tosses it out the window. I start to laugh, they take off, then I remember that I just dropped my girlfriend off. I immediately start wondering if she saw the whole thing. Luckily, she was nowhere to be seen, and had already made her way to the front desk. Hilarious.
  18. I went up to this guy in a Murcielago once and said hey, he turned and gave me HIS jacket - and I didn't even have to flash him for it!
  19. "concerned parent"- 1 lap of nyc dvd ;)
  20. Very glad to know that!! :D :D :D
  21. The Diablo is a show stopper everywhere I go. Seems each trip has an incident. The dumbest was last week when I was driving in the #2 lane of I-95, just holding 70mph. Look in my rear mirror and there was a guy in a white Toyota behind me with a video camera shooting a video of my car while he's driving! How do you steer through a view finder?
  22. Damn!!! That is one cool guy! ;)
  23. 89 Anniversary gets an insane amount of attention. When I punch it in 2nd or 3rd people go crazy. I don't care to drop it at anything higher than 1500-2000 from a stop so no burnouts here.

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