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Pearlescent white Murci Roadster===

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by tonyh, Sep 4, 2005.

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  2. very very nice. this new peal white looks great on both the murci and the Gallardo. symbolic motors has a white murci 6.2 at their restoration location right near my house so i stop by after school fairly often just to look at it. very nice pics, thanks
  3. Awesome. Ordering the Gallardo Spyder in that color.
  4. Thanks Tony. Great color and pics!
  5. Awesome!
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  7. Love it! Needs Powder coated rims to be perfect :)
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  9. Beautiful just beautiful..........
  10. Not sure about pearl white. This colour reminds me of a Subaru or Mazda. Make mine in orange please. :)
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  12. Agreed but in green for me!!
  13. Having seen this car and an orange one, I would have to vote for orange but this is a nice looking car!
  14. Looks like a tampax !
  15. drive away, no strings attached
  16. saw a white one today in Philadelphia on broad street near city hall.
  17. I just dont know about the white.

    IMO darker colors look best on the Murcielago.
  18. white on the murcie is GREAT! I thought it wouldnt be good, but its awesome.
  19. I like the white as well. Its more classy.
  20. classy and lambo dont belong in the same sentence. LOL!
  21. But its not a Lambo, its an Audi ;) JK. I think the pearl white goes along with the more refined look of the Murci as compared to the previous Lambos. I will say that the pearl white Diablos I have seen have looked very nice as well. It is definately an image thing, as I would never own a lime green Murci, but I do like the pearl white. In regards to the charcoal posted up above, the rear looks bloated in that picture. Maybe its just me or maybe it is the angle or lack thereof of the shot.
  22. No mate I meant Murcielago Roadsters only when I was talking about the Orange and Whites that I have seen! Simon's is an awesome car though, still the best colour for a Murci IMO!
  23. Uuuuuuuuuh these cars are as subtle as a missile in er face.

    Can't say i love them until i go and get myselft some -heavy- gold necklaces.

    Matter of (good...) taste i suppose :)
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