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Overall, which is faster 6.0 or Murci?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Auraraptor, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. I would like your thoughts on it. I know some of you have both. :)

    Some tell me the 6 is faster, which I tend to believe. I know I like it more in terms of style.
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  3. iwould image the murci would be a tick faster but i havent driven either...aj?
  4. They are 100% identical in speed. Zero changes. Nothing. Nada.
  5. All tests Ive seen have them virtually Identical, although I get the feeling the 6.0 might be the SLIGHTEST bit quicker, never saw a murci drop down to an 11.8 quarter, or a 3.4 to 60, but the trap speeds are the same, so...probably just a matter of launch. really fast though. Ask 6.0 (on this forum) how to make one REALLY fast with NO2!
  6. With regards the 1/4mi, AMD tested Murcie recently at Nardo with a ET of 11.8sec and trap of 121, similar to the quickest time for the 6.0. However, the Murcie is a 6spd and the 6.0 a 5spd, so the extra shift might have lost the Murcie some time in the quarter.

    I would expect the weights of the two cars are similar, and the Murcie has more power. So I would expect the Murcie to be quicker from a roll and at high speeds.

    Plus, the Murcie is faster around a lap than the 6.0 for sure, with the Murcie lapping the Nurburgring <7:50 and the 6.0 at around 8:05.

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  8. Good post. The 6.0 feels slightly quicker out of the box, but my 6.0se is equipped with the factory "short gear". The Murci is torquier, no doubt. They are very close, but I would give the edge to the 6.0 out of the box, but I feel the Murci would quickly come on and overtake. The handling feel is much better at this point in the Murci, and I would think with the 6 speed, and better handling, that the road course victory would belong to the Murci handily. My 6.0 is slightly modded, +50hp to stock, and they are very close. I cant imagine a "boner" 6.0 staying with the Murci throughout the power band.
  9. Is there a sig. price difference between the 6.0SE and normal 6.0?
  10. Hard to tell. Eventually, there will be. Its a numbered collector piece, but thats years down the road. There havent been any US cars for sale in a long while, and there are only 15 cars in the U.S. total. The upgrades are noticeable, but the colors are not traditional Lambo colors. You have to see the Gold and Marroon in person to appreciate.
  11. They only came in Gold and Marroon?
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  13. Yes. 21 of each, 42 total. There were a couple of euro spec cars that were special ordered in 3 other colors.
  14. Since we are on the topic of speed....

    6.0, how about indulging a musclecar guy and describe for us what it feels like to go full tilt in a 6.0 and then spray the N20...
  15. I have seen a black 6.0 with the dark brown interior, was it an SE.....

  16. Not in the US. They all went to G.B. I think. I dont think there was a black though. 2 oranges and maybe a yellow.
  17. Wouldn't it be like riding on a roller coaster at the top after it breaks loose???
  18. Positive i saw this color combo right here in las vegas. maybe he ordered it from the factory like that? or is that a 6.0 se only color?

  19. It could have been a 6.0 in that color combo, just not a US se.
  20. Ok, thanks for clearing that one up for me...do SE's come with badges that say "SE" on them?

  21. Yes, they are numbered in the drivers side back window. Mine is #18.
  22. Maybe I am a little slow but what is the difference between the 6.0 and 6.0SE besides the short gear?
  23. see below. From Lambo cars.com

    The Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0 Special Edition.

    On the 2001 edition of the famous Geneva Auto Show the final evolution of the impressive Diablo VT 6.0 Liter was introduced to celebrate the entry of the Diablo into the third Millennium, the new Diablo VT 6.0 Special Edition ...

    The Diablo 6.0 Special Edition was created to again show that Lamborghini made cars with extreme performance and still be able to

    offer a reasonable level of comfort, this Special Edition of the Diablo was only available in two exclusive colors, 'Oro Elios' a special shade of gold metallic symbolizing the early sunrise and 'Marrone Eklipsis' a very unique marroon-brown metallic which actually shifts color with the angle of light, this latter color was chosen because it looks like the sunset, these two extremes of the day symbolizes this Special Edition Diablo's uniqueness, only 40 SE's will be built, 20 in each color.

    The interior was color coded with the exterior color, special leather for the electric adjustable seats and the dashboard were used, and on the seats a special stitching pattern could be seen. The usual Alpine system was now upgraded into the latest available DVD audio/navigation system which could hold either the complete European roadmaps or the United States maps, depending on where the car was sold.

    The multiple Carbon Fiber parts visible on either the outside or inside this special Diablo were now threated with special titanium making these parts even more glossy than before, the same titanium finishing was used on the surrounds on the dashboard dials and for the gearlever and even the grid it could be moved in.

    The performance levels remained the same as on the Diablo VT 6.0, but some details were changed however, the intake manifolds and the cylinder-head covers were now finished in magnesium to save weight and in the mean time draw the attention to the highly technical aspects of this magnificent V12 engine.

    To be able to offer the best possible acceleration performance the Diablo VT 6.0 Special Edition was fitted with the short-ratio gearing. Another minor detail was the fact that the Brembo logo on the brakes was replaced by a real Lamborghini logo, maybe not too visible, but the details are important when it comes to the entire look and feel of such a fabulous piece of workmanship.

    With a MSRP of nearly $ 300,000 this latest Diablo evolution became in instant collectible, in 2004 this car would still be worth nearly $200,000, aside from the rare Diablo GT model, the 6.0 Special edition would surely be just about the only Diablo model that should keep it's value for years to come.
  24. Thanks for the great clarification. I always wondered what the difference was and I nailed all them except the carbon fibre parts.

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