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Ouch...this hurts

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Doug, Jan 31, 2005.

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  2. Jeez, what makes it better is the new one in the background, thats some collection.

    One thing i was wondering was if it was just a small engine fire, would it cause the front and roof etc to twist like it has????


  3. Good thing it only had a small engine fire...:D
  4. So small i can hardly see any damage......., dont know why on earth the owner didnt get it touched up.......
  5. They've been trying to sell that for a year now. I'd be highly suspicious of the seller, with 0 feedback, just registered, and the car isnt even located in the state he is in......

    It's more fraud than anything. What's scary is someone is actually bidding on it. :) The engine has no usable components in there, it's darn near melted. There are zero usable parts on that car, truly amazing. Send it to the scrappers! :)

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  7. From wreckedexotics.com :

    "Overheated brakes caused fire that burned this beauty into a crisp. Dealer did not inform owner that the brakes should not be pushed hard during the first few days of ownership. Everything has worked out in the end since owner has gotten a replacement."

    Hope that helps.

  8. That is the story...but far from the truth ;)
  9. Well.....it is cheap and in a sort of morbid way brings ownership closer for some of us.....heh.
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  12. I would buy that for the $100 bid just to have it....I could find something to do with it. :D
  13. I'd use that as lawn art!!!
  14. That'll buff right out...
  15. I dont understand why anyone would want it other then to make a replica out of it.
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  17. I wonder how much more often we're going to be seeing this car?

    It has been on eBay trying to sell for over a year now, I thinkthe owner should get the hint and stop paying for useless advertising.
  18. Why does it say 8 cylinder next to engine?

  19. The other 4 have melted away..
  20. It's a different person trying to sell it each time usually. That car has been long scrapped. It does not exist as seen on the photos anymore.

    Bid on the auction I'd bet you have to wire the money to Nigeria or South Africa. ;)


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