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Ordering a Murcielago?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by m3cjc, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. Hi guys i think im going to go ahead and order a Murcielago in the next month or two. I have one question though i have to have it by the middle of feburary(my 21st b-day) so when would i have to order it by to be assured it will get here by then? Also im having a hard time deciding if i should get it in 6spd or e-gear, i hear that the clutch will probably last longer if you get the e-gear opposed to the 6spd, is this true. Oh, and how much of a deposit do i have to leave? Thanks guys and im looking foward to joining you guys in '06!

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  3. I don't know the answers to any of your questions, however, I know who does: A Lambo dealer. Best check there first, any answers here may not apply to your situation or location.
  4. If your 21 and are going to order a $200,000 car you don't need any advice from anybody.
  5. first off the car is $300,000 :)

    call marcello @ 201-909-0072

    he is the guy to talk to at lamboghini of bergen county i know he has 2 murci's there now, i flat orange 03 6 speed(used 1700 miles on it), and one 04 green e-gear (new) in the showroom. He'll be able to help get you in a car this week. I do see a problem with you getting your new car last month though ;)
  6. Unfortunatly i cant buy one this summer due to having all my money tied up in my business, which i why i thought i would order one for next summer. Ive never knew there was a lamborghini dealer in bergan county, i thought the closest one was kerbeck. i guess ill take a ride over there one of these days and talk to them.
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  8. No im 20 right now ill be turning 21 feb of '06, which is when i want to have the car.
  9. My advice would be 2 things... 1) Get a used one instead of ordering a new one. Pre-owned Murcielagos are a much better value. 2) Don't let the wear & tear of the clutch dictate getting an E-gear or 6sp. Try to test drive the E-gear and see if it's something you enjoy. You can never go wrong with a 6sp in a car like the Murcielago.
  10. Yea i really need to go to a dealership a try them both out. Also what kind of depreciation will i be looking at in the first year, i no that they list out at around 300k, so if i was to trade it in after a year(not that i will) how much could i trade it in for? Thanks guys for the replies so far

  11. Hate to start a commotion but I'm just very curious on how a 20 Y.o can afford a new Murcie. Just out of pure curiosity, seriously.
    Please tell us your story so we can relate or envy.
    I'm 32 Y.o, I bought my Murcie few months ago and I think my age is on the young side of M owners. Your story must be more interesting than mine and than your initial questions, do tell..
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  13. Mensa?

  14. Well, after finishing HS school i decided to take time off and asses my golas and i came to the conclusion that real estate would be my best bet. So i went with my business plan to my parents and asked them if they would like to invest in it, and they said ok. I started in tax foreclosures, and on my second deal i really hit it big buying a home for 17k and selling it in the high 6 figures, and now that i have the backing i can now buy and sell as i please! Currently i have most of the money tied up and if everything goes well(knock on wood) i should at least double my investment! To this point i have gotten very lucky as most people do not do as well as i have, but i work extremely hard at it, and try for the "smartest" deal possible. Thats my story and if im fortunate enough i should be in a murci in a couple months, but i would like to buy my own house/condo first.
  15. You can probably find one in the color and options you want with a few thousand miles for 10's ot thousands cheaper then ordering a brand new one.
  16. Ahhhh... real estate. What day-trading was to the 90s it is to the new millennium.

    Watch out there's a bubble in there too!
  17. Of course there is theres risk in everything, you can make a lot of money and you could loose a lot of money. You have to take the risk's to be successful though!
  20. i am looking to order a murci roadster..for next fall....for my 16th bday....i had a business model for collecting soda cans and have made millions over the past few months...i know have been lucky as very few 15yo kids make millions collecting soda cans for recycling....but all of my millions are tied up now and i cant buy the car until next spring..i have never driven a murci before, or for that matter, any car, as i am only 15...but can you guys help me with my options list?
  21. Don't bust the kid's balls. He's entitled to dream. And, maybe he has struck a gold vein. More power to him. The thing that's telling, though, in my estimation, isn't his age, or even how he made his money, but the notion that he would worry about ordering a car at full ticket a year from now, when there are currently many, many cars to be had at significant discounts, with little to no mileage. And, that situation will only "improve" a year from now.

  22. i'm at 33, netwroth little over 3M start off nothing in 1990 when i was 18, but i would still be very nervese just go out and spend $150k or $200k buy a car like Gallardo or a Mucri, (so i don't have one yet) those are my dream car, but i just can't feel comforable spand that kind of money. how much money you guys think a person should have to feel very comforable to buy a car like these. and would you buy one if you have the kind of money i have? and by the way M3CJC, i really think you should buy a house first.
  24. Did somebody mentioned "Boiler Room" movie ?
    Well I guess you have a bright future ahead of you, don't forget to occasionally drop buy and fill us in on your endeavors.
    As crazy as your story sounds I have met people with wilder stories who could easily afford a Murcie or two at your age.
  26. What will your insurance on this car be like?

    I'm just thinking... you obviously know a bit about finance. So, Why shell out the 300k for a Merci when you can get a Gallardo for half that and since this is your first super-car, you'd probably never know the difference in the performance. Take the money saved ($150K) and get a nice condo (on repo of course).
  27. Ha, i have thought about it and really like the Gallardo, but nothing beats the looks of the murci, especially the doors. I'll see how everything goes and if it goes as hoped ill be in a murci, if not ill be more than happy with the Gallardo. I dont know about insurance but it would go into my mothers name(46, perfect record, not 1 ticket in her life) and in PA were insurance is alot cheaper.
  28. If your net worth is around 700K I really don't believe you should be buying a 300K car. You should go with the Gallardo and buy more real estate; I think that would be smartest move for you to do. However if you are in love the Mucrielago that much that you must have it now, I would get it, but I don't believe it is smart for you financially. That is my 2 cents.

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