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Orange Murci,and Photshop help needed Ryalex!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, May 30, 2004.

  1. Nothing better than the Lambo orange.Dodge is making it a color on their 05 srt.Hey Ryan,can you photoshop that Viper in a Lambo orange?The orange in that pic is too light.And oh,add black wheels !!Thanks in advance.
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  4. Hey,thats great.Can you powdercoat my wheels black?Thanks!!
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  6. Thanks Zorro,thats what I wanted to see. A.J.
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  8. Zorro,
    How do you do that in PS? I'm not bad at it (PS) but could never fugure that out. Perhapse you can PM me some details or a link to a web site that shows how to info.

  9. Im interested also plz :)
  10. I agree AJ, the Murci in their 3-layer Orange Pearl is a sight to behold. I want one *bad.*

    I'll still give this a try. Those original Viper pics don't have much color depth at all. I might try and use a different picture with more tone to the color - it will make a better match to the pearl effect.

    Here's w/o black wheels:
  11. Trying to make glossy chrome into black is frustratingly difficult (reg. silver to black is much easier)... here's where my patience ended.
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  13. The other color I would want to get on my future Murcielago would be this:

    The only problem is I'd have to order it from the factory, or repaint an older one.
  14. Are these cool or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    You actually do this in 2 steps.

    First step is to select your area, then you can modify the color.

    To select the area, you have several tools available.

    First are the lasso series (freehand lasso, polygonal lasso and magnetic lasso). The first 2 I almost never use. The magnetis lasso is cool, but it relies on brightness contrast to define its line. Don't plan on have a clean line if you have say a red car on blue background. I admit rarely using these tools to redo a body paint ... (but they're cool to cut and paste a car from a scene to another).

    Then you have the Magic Wand. This buddy here selects an area depending on color. It selects colors around the place you clicked according to the tolerance defined in the toolbar on top. In order to add to the selection you must hold "shift" (a lil + will appear close to the wand) or click the option on top (the 2nd icon in the section where you have 4 weird squares). I usually keep the tolerance between 10 and 30. It's also very important to have the "history" window (or at least know the ctrl-z undo option) in order to go back when the wand selects more than you wanted (that's when you reduce the tolerance).
    Once you have succeeded in selecting the whole body, you can start modifying the color right there, or you can right-click and select copy as layer (or cut as layer ... but the latter can be not perfect when you put it all together), then work in that layer (through the layer window, click on the name of the layer to work on it, a little brush will appear in the first column besides it). Also, if the background is a solid color (or so), you can use the magic wand to select the whole background, then right-click and choose "select inverse". Then you're free to copy that as a layer, and work without the background colors interfering.

    Another option, the latest I discovered, and most likely the best.
    Go to "Image" then "adjustment" and "Replace color". Then, using the eyedropper (the one with +), click everywhere on the car, until the whole body is selected. The "Fuzziness" bar is exactly the same thing as the "tolerance" talked about earlier. I'll get to the color mods soon ;). If the background is a color similar to the car, then while clicking on the body, it will select also the background (that's the downside, compared to the Magic Wand). That's when you have to "preselect" the area. I usually use the magnetic lasso to select the car, then go to "replace color". If the background is a solid color, refer to the end of the Magic Wand paragraph.

    Still hanging in there?

    Now that you have selected the right area, the color.

    All the color mods are located in the "image>Adjustment" bar.
    You can play with "color balance", but it's not my favourite.
    The best option to change car's color is the "hue saturation" bar. Hue changes the color spectre, and "saturation" makes red redder, blue bluer, green greener ... etc etc (at 0, it will be all grey). You can also play with contrast (makes dark darker, and bright brighter) and lightness.

    When using the "replace color" tool, you only have hue, saturation and contrast to play with, but it usually is enough (for me, at least).

    Using properly the layers is what makes it easiest. It takes a bit of practice to visualize exactly what you are doing, or where you wanna go.

    There you go. I'm no professional, so this is just how I do it, maybe there are easier ways ... dunno.

    BTW, all this is with Photoshop 7 ... dunno if the names are different from version to version ...

    Have fun! ;)

    PS, the larger the original pics, the better to work on. I personally prefer media size (4000x3000) :D

    edit-Here's some sacrilege :D btw, does anyone know how I could add some metallic to this color?
    Image Unavailable, Please Login
  16. Two other methods for more accurate selections in photoshop...

    1) Path tool - Click on the pen icon or hit the "p" key on your keyboard. Click to add the first point in the outline. Go to the next place where the direction changes from a straight line and click again. To make curves, hold down the pen when you click and two handles will appear. This tool takes some time to learn how to control the handles to get an accurate fitment of the curve to the image but the payoff is well worth it. The great thing about creating a path is that you can save it in the image. Click on the "Paths" tabs which should be part of the layer palette and you can see a thumbnail of the path you have created. At the bottom of this palette is a "Convert path to selection" button which will...well, the nameis pretty explanatory.

    2) Quick Mask Mode - When you are in normal image editing mode, hit the "q" key to go into quick mask mode. Now select the paint brush and set the forground color to black. Start painting over the image area you want to select. You should see and transparent red color appearing on the areas you have painted. If you make a mistake you can use the eraser tool to clean it up. Shades of gray produce transparent selections(if you use 50% gray it will be 50% transparent) which can be used for glass to great effect with practice. When you are happy with your selection hit "q" again to exit quick mask mode and you will the see the marching ants around your selection.If you want to save your selection, go up to the Select Menu and choose "Save Selection." This will create and alpha channel of your selection (viewable in the channels palette) that can be reselected by choosing "Load Selection" from the "Select" menu.

    If like me, you don't have the hands of a surgeon or you mouse occasionally jumps onscreen, either method will stop you from having to undo a step as you can simply adjust the work you have already done for a perfect selection.

  17. Thanks guys! I'll put it to the test and see how it works.

  18. Green is a Lamborghini color only.
  19. Orange with the black wheels looks f-in sweet.
  20. I dont disagree,I said they were cool.Lambo can get away with green,no one else can.
  21. I wasnt trying to sound like an ass or anything, those are cool, but the green looks funky.
  22. No offense taken.Its weird,they had a poll on the viper site with these colors,and blue won out,green 2nd,orange third.Team viper is going to do the Orange though,a good choice I think.Mine will have the black wheels,which dodge is putting on these 50 "specials" being made.
  23. Good - they need more bold colors... I've only seen the SRT's in red, black and silver - except for the White Mambas.

    Orange, yellow, green are good snake colors.

    I'm surprised they don't have more 'editions' named after certain snakes like the White Mamba line they released. They could put that Green Apple color in with a cream interior and call it the Emerald Boa Edition, or an orange one and call it the Copperhead edition (yes, I know they already made a car called the Copperhead, but it sounds better than the Corn Snake Edition). Yellow and Black would be the King Snake Edition!

    I just noticed that the black on the hood cowl makes kind of a snake fang pattern...

    (BTW, was my orange a satisfactory match?)
  24. It was great,as usual.Thank you.Dodge is beginning to go exactly the route you are talking about.200 Black Mambas(they could have got more original with the name)are coming out in 30 days.They will be black cars with red trim inside and out.They are then discontinuing the black altogether for a couple of years.Orange is going to be done,as well as the limited edition 50 yellow with special paint and wheels.At least its a start.
  25. My dad was looking at an SRT-10 Ram, and it was the special edition. Man, that truck has one jerky tranny.
  26. Have you considered getting a Carrera GT yet?

    I have kept the file open and masked if anyone has any other requests. Today Special only;).
  27. wow. that azzuro murci might be the nicest color match i've ever seen for that particular car. is it a ps? any more pics?


    with sugar on...i'm done.
  28. LOL. Yes, it was a PS I did. I don't have any others of it off-hand.

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