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Orange Muira in N Y C

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by yale, Jul 17, 2004.

  1. Just saw an orange Muira SV parked in front of Bar Pitti on Sixth Avenue in NYC. Very nice looking with a very cool interior. Sign on it said owned by Joe Bataglia and shown at Greenwich Concorse. Is he on this list? Had NY plates but Joe listed on concorse tag as living in Greenwich.

    Since I own and drive a '64 Ferrari around NYC wondered what it was like to drive other period exotocs in these climes?

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  3. I can only speak from my own personal experiences, but I feel that drivng a Miura in any sort of stop and go traffic is hell. The pedals are all quite heavy, and the clutch is tricky from a standing start. I make a point to drive mine on open roads with little traffic, where the car truly excels.

    By contrast, I can hop into my '66 Ferrari 330 GTS and drive all day without getting tired, no matter what the traffic conditions.

    But for some reason, the Ferrari doesn't provide me with the same sense of adventure that the Miura brings with it . . .
  4. that car is 5022 i think if im not mistaken...

  5. Hey Xs,

    (By the way does that stand for xtra special or xtra speedy?) I wasn't thinking of going shopping in these cars downtown BUT I do live in NY and I drive in and out of the city to park + when I visit friends who live around NY there is usually some town driving. And with the Muira I have head the sitelines from inside the car are quite bad. The orange car I saw had no right side mirror as is norm with this period Italians but with that slatted rear window...

    As for the s/n of the car I don't know, but it had fantastic two tone seats with red centers. Very nice. How different is the sv interior from the normal and s Muira interior. This was certainly one of the nicest Muira interiors I have seen. Anywbody out there own/owned and Islero?

    Thanks all/


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