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On the subject of high mileage Diablos...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Apr 9, 2005.

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  2. 21K...on a '01? Niiice. That must've been a DD. Whoever owned that beast deserves a pat on the back for enjoying the hell out of it.
  3. AJ,

    Thank you for the link and pictures. As you know I have been probably the most vocal asking you questions about "high mileage" Lambos.

    The color is great. Perfect for our blue fetish F chat member, Chiaro_Slag. :)

    What are your personal feelings about this car? Since you know most of them, would you buy this car at this mileage? Why/Why not?


  4. very nice

    easily worth $160k + imho
  5. I love the color on that car, and are those FR500 rims??

    I would buy the car today for 150k, but I think that would be too good of a deal.
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  7. Do all 6.0s say VT on the back?
  8. Not the SE
  9. Those are Lowenhart BS5 rims. They don't make them anymore and they're pretty rare (although I see them on a lot of 6.0s).

    I love the color, too, and it shows how clean the lines of the car are!
  10. I would put the "value" on this car at 153-157k. That is assuming that everything checks out, and the history is ok. Well, I really like that color, not the aftermarket wheels. I personally would be a buyer at 145-147k on the car, but it is worth more. That is assuming that it is a well maintained 21k car.
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  12. This one is ripe for a new convert to the dark side.
  13. I don't think I've ever seen more pictures of a car For Sale on E-Bay!
  14. Thanks for the info AJ. I would say at mid 150s, even with the mileage, the 6.0 (granted its been taken care of) is a bargain of a super car.
  15. 145-155k for it if you like the color and rims is right on the money. Good stuff.


  16. Pretty color !! I like the Bug Blue.

    Dave who is going to step up to the plate ?

    We may have more converts after the Star Warz movie.
  17. What is the actual name for that color? Is it Ely Blue???
  18. I received this email today in reference to this ebay sale:

    Dear Andrew Staricek,
    Our MOB has taken notice that you have been bidding on the Lamborghini
    DIABLO VT on ebay.
    The Don has suggested an offer which i wouldent reject if I were you, he
    wants you to send the car to a location when you have won it, he dosent
    forget friends so he promises 300 thousand dollars when the vehicle arrives.
    If you think this is a joke think again, I do go past {my address} few
    times a week to check up on you..i wouldent want to have to hurt or do
    something further more to you just because you declined our offer.
    reply to this message so we can know if you accept our proposal or not.
    well send you the shipping address soon after.
    dont try to ignore this email because we know who you are and what you do.
    This is definatly not a joke.

    Don’t just search. Find. Check out the new MSN Search!
  19. Well, first it's meant to sound as if it's the Mafia. But, No Mafioso in his right mind would ever 1) Admit that there's a mob and 2) Put it in writing.

    But, it's even if it's not the Mafia it's a shake down threat none the less. Could it be a friend playing with you? Possibly.

    My advice is make a call and send it off to your local FBI division. This is a threat/shake down for about 120-150K. Could be real, could be fake. I'd let the FBI figure that part out. As they've noted your address in the email and that you are someone who is a very potential target for something like this I'd say the FBI would at least take you seriously.

    Better safe than sorry. If it is just a friend playing a joke just to see the look on your face... well, you don't need friends that dumb. Let the FBI talk to them. I'm sure the look on his/her face would be priceless.
  20. i got the same kinda of email when i was bidding on something it was traced back to nigeria just one of there new scams
  21. Dude, while I think that car is fantastic, I can't even begin to afford it. I will be envious of whoever ends up with it though! It's a beauty.

    AJ - That email you got pisses me off.
  22. I will thus refrain from make public comments on 8 figure salaries of my buddy that lives in OC and drives a blue TR ;) :D
  23. Well, it went past the email today. When I got in this afternoon and turned on the computer, I had 3 messages from ebay. One confirming my password change,which I didn't do, the other confirming my 'secret question" change, which I didn't do.Then I tried to log on to ebay, and could not. Then I looked at the Lambo I was bidding on, and my ebay user name had hit the reserve at 164k. I called the seller to tell him it was a problem, and contacted ebay security. Finally got it straightened out. The original email has been traced to Great Britain, and we now have a real name and address, thanks to a.........computer whiz I know. More to come.
  24. 8 figures? I can't even count that high. If you mean 5 figures, than I'm your man, lol.

    Glad you are getting to the bottom of it AJ!
  25. WOW!

    Could they have key-stroke spyware on your computer?
  26. I believe he cracked my ebay account by using my known ID, and using a hackers means to derive the passcode.

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